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Wow, I wish I had looked at this site two and half years ago when I first started in cloth nappies. Well now I am and it is fantastic. All the info one can want about cloth nappies. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource. I love being connected with other like minded mums. I felt I was on my own before and a whole new world has opened up to me. It’s great to know I’m not the only one committed to it. – Kathy

My Green Nappy: Do YOU Have One?


My Green Nappy is a simple environmental initiative encouraging all families to have one green nappy for their baby to wear.

It’s Simple: Start with ONE!

Every time it is worn, a single use disposable is kept out of landfill.

Did you think modern cloth nappies were a fringe trend? No Way. They are a fashion trend, an eco trend, a popular trend that will save you LOTS of $! Join this trend: Start with 1. One will make a difference. My Green Nappy lists over 350 different shops selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand – YES, Modern Cloth Nappies are VERY popular.

Hey Charndra,
Just wanted to let you know that now, thanks to your inspiring website, we are a 100% cloth nappy house! I am sooo happy and my husband is amazed! I am much more conscious of the eco world these days and I just couldn’t stand to use disposables anymore.
We save at least $100 a month now! – Suze

What is the Simple Initiative of My Green Nappy?

The Green Nappy of My Green NappyStep One:

Buy ONE washable and reusable modern cloth nappy.

Step Two:

Use it.  (Again and again…)

Start small to help the environment – with just 1 green nappy.

My Green Nappy is such an amazing resource for our family, and for other parents who care about our environment. It is a very user-friendly site also, with lots of fun and interesting info. – Cindy

Enjoy your visit, P.S  When you join our announcement list you will start to receive My Green Nappy Guide straight away:

What I like about My Green Nappy Guide is having access to so much information in the one place. It is a fantastic resource, especially for those of us who have struggled to find a lot of this information previously. It is also laid out in such a user friendly way. – Sarah


With My Green Nappy Guide, you’ll ease into cloth with confidence.

  • You’ll receive a series of 10 emails giving you access to key information about reusable nappies.
  • Simply sit back and have the information gradually sent to you in easily absorbed chunks.
  • Then, when you are an eco-savvy washable nappy shopper, go browsing for your first green nappy.
  • Quick info via My Nappy Style Windows.
  • You WILL save money as you and your baby help sustain our planet.

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 Remember – a green nappy is special.

A green nappy is environmentally friendly…  A green nappy can be composted…   A green nappy can be washed and re-used…  A green nappy can be worn hundreds of times…  A green nappy needn’t cost the Earth…  My Green Nappy will save your time – you can visit all cloth nappy shops from here, every one.

NB: All the resources on My Green Nappy are free for you to access.

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 Click to find out more about donating your old or ‘broken’ cloth nappies to Orphanages in very poor countries…

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