My Green Nappy Discovering Modern Cloth Nappies and Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies

January 26, 2010

How Does My Green Nappy Help the Environment?

Our Green Promise is the little things we are doing that are environmentally friendly.

My Green Nappy is an “Active Green” concept.

When used by you each day, modern cloth nappies are a solution to baby hygiene that is actively reducing your CO2 footprint.

The more the nappies are used on a daily basis, the more CO2 footprint you’ll actively save.

The many types of reusable cloth products are inherently helping your household save on your daily footprint.

Washable Nappies. Better than Throwaways.

Because My Green Nappy is used in your own home, a reusable nappy system makes store-bought disposable nappies obsolete to you.

That means less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste and less transport of waste nappies.

What if you consider having a green nappy – even just one – as a facet of Green Living – Being mindful and working towards increased responsibility for your part as a caretaker or steward on our planet.

With over 300 thousand babies born downunder each year, if each of those babies has just ONE Green Nappy to wear, think of the multitude of disposable nappies being diverted from landfill and saving their parents money each time it is used, and helping them to feel more and more comfortable using the modern, well designed and fashionable, washable cloth nappies.

Reusable Nappies. Better than Disposables.

When you have disposable needs, the more earth friendly ‘eco’ disposable nappies are a responsible choice, made more economical due to the savings you make from using modern cloth!

My Green Nappy exists to help you to raise a ‘lower carbon’ baby. To help you make positive decisions as you gradually reduce the ecological footprint of your family by adding green nappy tips into your lifestyle. You’ll discover a wealth of information, with the motivation of doing something worthwhile with other members of this growing International Network who share your environmental concerns, and your interest or passion for modern cloth nappies.

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