My Green Nappy Discovering Modern Cloth Nappies and Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies

February 15, 2010

In Brief: What is My Green Nappy here for?

My Green Nappy is a ‘eco friendly nappy’ resource site created as a simple environmental initiative for Aussie and Kiwi families.

It is here to help you find out what you need to know about the modern cloth nappy and eco friendly disposable nappies right now, so you can ┬áreduce your baby’s ecological footprint, starting with one green nappy

Then, you will have begun ‘the Switch’ with your first of perhaps many green nappies, each of which will save you money as you help sustain our planet’s natural resources for your baby’s future.

Whether you’re just considering getting started in cloth or have the best cloth nappy stash in town, the resources, guides and expert advice featured here will show you how you can make the most from using the modern washable nappy and eco-friendly disposable nappies.

My Green Nappy is an advocacy site – it doesn’t sell nappies; instead it introduces you to literally hundreds of web shops offering green nappies!

With continually updated lists featuring every retailer offering modern cloth nappies and eco-friendly disposable nappies in Australia and New Zealand, My Green Nappy really is your portal to the world of modern cloth nappies and those disposable nappies that have less of an impact on the environment as you can divert them AWAY from landfill – into your worm farm, compost bin, your garden, or safely into the sewerage system.

This Nappy Nexus currently lists over 305 nappy retailers based in Australia and new Zealand.

Simply, the mission of My Green Nappy is to help all families to choose and then use ONE green nappy for their baby’s wardrobe, knowing that one nappy will prevent a single use nappy from ending up in a landfill each time it is worn by a youngster.

My Green Nappy Guide

My Green Nappy. Do YOU have one?

Enjoy your visit,


Creator of My Green Nappy.

P.S I hope you decide to join My Green Nappy as a member to receive My Green Nappy Guide gradually over the next several weeks – it will fast-forward your cloth nappy education in the easiest way possible. Just leave your name and email in the box on the top of the right sidebar and I’ll do the rest, and introduce you to all sorts of cool resources as you browse and drool over the gorgeous nappies being made or designed by the clever families down under!

My Green Nappy is new Tribal Baby project by Charndra Josling, who lives in Australia with her husband and 2 young sons, and Tippin the 15 year old greedy torbie and a blue tongue lizard that likes to visit her veggie patch.

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