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February 10, 2010

Support Forums for Mums in Australia and New Zealand

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Find like-minded mums, friends, fun, information and gossip away at an online parent forum that suits you!

Visit this list of online Support Communities for parents in Australia and New Zealand…

Parent discussion boards are places where you can pop in daily, weekly, or whenever you have a free moment to tune into communal chatterboards where parents ‘meet’ online to discuss … everything and anything.

See what other parents are up to, share your own experiences, discover parenting ideas and information that is new to you, support other parents needing suggestions or strategies to try out.

Have a ‘slow conversation’ with others and after a while of getting to know the others online, generally experience a sense of community in a society that largely isolates mothers a lot of the time.

You may be the only parent with small children in your street during the day, with no visiting activities planned where you can talk with other adults. This can be exceedingly lonely.

You may want to share some anecdote of hilarity or horror (LOL) that your child has surprised you with, you may wish to learn a bit about some topic from other Mums.

Over 90% of people listen to the real-life experiences of others with great interest, and a parenting forum is one way you can make connections, online friends and real-life friends, find playmates for your kids, likeminded folks to connect with, share your baby business ideas, get encouragement, commisseration, ideas and strategies, sit back and learn from the experiences of others vicariously (if you just read, this is called ‘lurking’) – the list is endless…

The places for you to chat online with other Mums are also many and varied.

This means there are discussion boards set up by people you will like, that share your interests, parenting styles and have information that will help you. Have a browse and find a community or three that might be just perfect for you! Of course, this list is for parenting forums, discussion lists; there are literally squillions of such community boards on every topic you could possibly have an interest in, and you can join as many as you like yo find exactly the bit of help you need for today.

Full of personal experiences, you can search through the boards for ‘threads’ about what you’d like to know, follow links to further information as a form of searching by parents who in essence post those resources that they have already found useful, perhaps saving you time.

In our society mothers are often isolated – geographically or socially. We need to find an extended social support network. One such place is an online forum.

An online meeting place for open discussions about all sorts of topics, many cover the broad areas of:
  • Fertility Awareness, Pre-conception and Conception
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth
  • Babies and toddlers
  • All aspects of Parenting…
  • All aspects of Life…
In the extensive list of parenting support forums listed on My Green Nappy you’ll see a wide variety of forums in Australia and New Zealand created specifically for mothers-to-be, new and experienced mothers, all sorts of parents. Some are very general, others for more specific support. Some are communities set up by organisations, others by groups of interested parents.
Look over a few. Read a few threads. See if the questions and answers are in line with your own interests, values and needs.  There are all sorts of people out there – there will be a community for you to fit in. You’ll need to register as a member to post messages, this is a free process involving creating a username and providing your email address then confirming in an email that arrives soon after.
Handy Tip: Create a username that is easy to remember and use the same one on every site, use the same password as well.  Be friendly, gracious, helpful, respectful of difference. Have fun along the way sharing with other mothers at home with small childen feeling the same as you – needing some CHATTER. In time, you’ll get to know the other mothers, and perhaps find locals that you can arrange to meet up with IRL (in Real Life) at a coffee shop to find new friends!

Visit this list of online Support Communities for parents in Australia and New Zealand…

A question to you:

Which is the forum you have enjoyed participating in the most?

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