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April 29, 2010

Meet our Guest: Rosie’s Dolls Clothes

Let’s meet Rosie, who is the proud owner of Rosie’s Dolls Clothes:

Hi, I’m Rosie from Brisbane, Queensland (I’m a Queenslander through and through) and have two great kids.  I would love to one day visit our sponsor child in Uganda.

About Rosie’s Dolls Clothes…

Rosie’s Dolls Clothes specialises in gorgeous clothes, shoes, accessories and furniture for 32-50cm dolls such as Baby Born, Baby Alive, Cabbage Patch, Australian Girl, Chou Chou, Waldorf dolls and I even offer clothes for boy dolls.   We are now in our 6th year online and it was all my daughters fault!  You see, it was when my daughter was three and received her first doll from Santa that I started making doll clothes for her because I didn’t like the clothes that were on offer in many of the toy stores and the prices seems ridiculous!

Friends started asking me to make clothes for their children’s dolls, then I braved the early, early mornings (something I thought was behind me as the kids were no longer babies) and headed to the local markets on weekends.  From here, things just mushroomed and Rosie’s Dolls Clothes went online in October, 2004.

Many mothers hate the idea of buying disposable nappies for their child’s doll when their child wears/wore cloth nappies – not to mention the expense and extra landfill they create!

So one item that has always been popular is my cloth nappy for dolls.

A new addition to this line is my cloth nappy with an outer layer of PVC to prevent leakage.

Our Planet Matters!

Since visiting my good friend in Germany in the late 80’s and witnessing their dedication to recycling (they had recycling bins way before we did), I have been extremely conscious of what gets thrown out into our landfill. And I’m proud to say that our recycling bin is always full and our general waste bin often only has two or three small bags of rubbish.

We have a mulch heap for food scraps and lawn clippings, tree trimmings are mulched down and spread back around the garden and before throwing anything away we ask, ‘Can this be used by the local prep kids during their craft sessions?’   They are always thankful for my bags of cardboard cylinders from paper toweling and lunch wraps, empty thread spools, egg cartons, unusual boxes, scraps of different textured fabric, buttons removed from old clothing and anything else that looks interesting, even our old clothes get given to our neighbor who is a mechanic and always needs rags.

When you visit Rosie’s Dolls Clothes, make sure you have a look at:

  1. My regular cloth nappies for 32-46cm dolls,
  2. My new leak-proof PVC nappy for 32-46cm dolls, and
  3. My special range of doll clothes designed for the Waldorf/Steiner doll – Where all clothes are made with natural fabrics and clips and buttons are used in place of Velcro.

My 3 favourite websites are:

  1. Oh My Giddy Aunt – Who has the most extensive range of gorgeous personalised jewellery keep-sakes available.
  2. Cazazz – As Carolyn did a great job designing my website and is a dream to work with.
  3. So Pretty – As they have the grooviest range of shower caps and they make gifts that certainly get attention.
Meet Our Guests...Meet Our Guests
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Find out more about our guests…

Let’s talk more!

Would you be interested in purchasing a pattern for doll cloth nappies if it were to be made available?

– Rosie

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