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April 21, 2010

Eco-Advocate, I Am! #1 Eco-Friendly Reason To Use A Cloth Nappy…

Modern Nappies: Environmentally Friendly Cloth Nappies.

Every cloth nappy shop you visit will provide you with information about the environmental benefits of modern cloth nappies. Have a look at their explanations, their motivations for promoting modern nappies as an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies.

For today’s topic we’ve asked our Nappy WAHM’s about the main environmental concern that drives them to supply you with modern cloth nappies as a way to reduce the collective environmental impact of our babies.

I’m pleased to have contributions from many friends of My Green Nappy included in this article. We have Emma from Brindabella Baby, Melinda from Avanappy, Mel from Little Para Pants, Louise from Scamps Boutique, Eva from Oz Baby Trends, Kyra of Bubbalooba, Cassandra from New Age Nappies, Annette from Iish Fly, Michelle from Issy Bear Nappies, Cindy from Ticklefish Tots, Ashley from Cheeky Creations, Carli from MiniLaLa, Tracey from Flattery, Bec from Baby Chilli,  Julie from Cloth For Comfort, Chris from Baby Bullfrogs, Kate from Nappy Days, Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products and Karen from Baby Blossom.

Let’s see what they have to say:

“What is the main environmental reason you promote & support families in using cloth nappies?”

Emma Davidson of Brindabella Baby:

Less landfill. Even biodegradable nappies add to the long-term landfill problem when they’re wrapped in non-biodegradable plastic garbage bags. Reusable cloth nappies just make sense.

Melinda of Avanappy:

Less rubbish going to landfill and a lower environmental impact. A stash of MCN uses less resources to make & launder than to make enough disposables to last a child from birth to toilet training.

Mel of Little Para Pants:
I don’t like buying things I just end up throwing away.

Louise of Scamps Boutique, NZ:

Reduces the amount of rubbish you put out each week
Eva of Oz Baby Trends:
Less landfill! Just because we in Australia have the space to fill, doesn’t mean we should!
Cassandra of New Age Nappies:

Less waste going into our tips plus disposing of waste matter in the toilet – the correct way.

Annette of Iish Fly:

Because of all the landfill issues. Just because we have the space in Australia why do we need to use it as landfill? I would rather see rolling hills any day over mountains of plastic disposable pee pockets.

Michelle of Issy Bear Nappies:

It would have to be landfill. It is like people dropping rubbish out of their car windows. Where do they think the rubbish goes?

Cindy from Ticklefish Tots:

Reducing landfill! I have found that having 2 kids in nappies, by converting to cloth, we reduced our garbage output by over 50% PER WEEK!

Ashley of Cheeky Creations:

To stop all the landfill associated with disposables. A lot of people think disposables are better for the environment because you aren’t using all the water to wash them. But not many people realise the amount of water used to make disposables.

Carli from MiniLaLa:

I believe that the amount of disposable nappies (plastic and chemicals) going to landfill is horrific, and by making a change as simple as using cloth nappies, we can make such a massive difference without any inconvenience or trouble. I want to help people realise that they can make a difference to the environment without it making a difference to their lives.

Tracey from Flattery:

To keep it blatantly simple – and not even go into the terrible strain on earth that is the manufacturing of disposable nappies – just the landfill alone is enough.

Bec from Baby Chilli:

Landfill! When travelling we use disposables and I am shocked at how fast we fill up a bin with just nappies, its so sad to see and I get very disheartened when I think about most people with babies doing this every week!

Julie from Cloth For Comfort:
Cloth nappies promote the responsible use of our natural resources including using less water, landfill and electricity compared to disposables – this is vital as once these resources are gone, they can’t be easily replaced or substituted.

Chris from Baby Bullfrogs:

Land Fill – just knowing how long it takes to break down one disposable nappy surely is enough reason to convert anyone to cloth! (Every disposable ever created still exists today – what a horrible, horrible thought!)

Kate from Nappy Days:

Because many parents have no idea that our landfills are filling up in New Zealand and that soon we will have nowhere to put our waste so we have to use as many re-usable products as possible.

Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products:

The 1.75 billion disposables that go into landfill every year in Australia and New Zealand alone.

Karen from Baby Blossom:
People use cloth for so many reasons. Our family wanted to use cloth for the environmental aspects. We started small and simple but of course with so many cute and funky nappies and nappy sets it doesn’t take long to grow into something more fashionable.
– Your Nappy Doulas –

This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.
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3 Recommended Resources helping you to be eco-friendly:

  1. Trees for Life
  2. Greenwala Community
  3. The Planet Green Game – this is COOL! It is an online game in which you go around a virtual town and make it ‘greener’ by answering questions and discovering more facts about global warming and what we can do to make a difference.

A question to you about eco-friendly living:

What’s one eco-friendly thing your family does that you would like to share with readers of My Green Nappy?

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