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April 22, 2010

Meet our Guest: Upsy Baby

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Let’s meet Penny, who is the owner of Upsy Baby:

Hi There!

I am Penny and I have the most wonderful supportive Husband and two adorable small children – a girl and boy – my pigeon pair.  I live Australia (Berwick, VIC).

About Upsy Baby…

Upsy Baby is my online store specializing in Modern Cloth Nappies and other baby products – I started Upsy Baby at the beginning of this year after falling in love with Modern Cloth Nappies and I had to share these great products!  They’re fabulous, economical, saves landfill, the environment and did I mention it saves you money!

Our Planet Matters!

When my 2nd child came along, we noticed that we were struggling to get what little household rubbish we had into our garbage bin.  It was amazing how many disposable nappies were going to landfill from our household alone!  I did my research and was saddened by what I found out.  How many nappies get used each and every year, how many trees are felled to make disposable nappies and the list just kept going on.  It was very sad.

When you visit Upsy Baby, make sure you have a look at:

1. Our wonderful range of Modern Cloth Nappies!  We have the best brands, styles, colours and designs.  We have One Size to get your beautiful bundle of joy from birth to potty training or it’s also great even if you are a late starter to Modern Cloth Nappies!  We have pocket nappies, All-In-Ones, with Snap closure, Velcro closure and all accessories associated with Modern Cloth Nappies! We will continue to expand our brands, ranges and products.

2. Visit our Homepage as this is an informative start to making the decision or transition to Modern Cloth Nappies.  You can also go to our FAQs section for further information on a wide range of topics relating to Modern Cloth Nappies.  We not only sell Modern Cloth Nappies, we sell a range of Mums and Bubs products too.

3. You can also find links to our Facebook page, Twitter and Blog.  So become fans and followers of Upsy Baby and enjoy the journey of funny stories, facts and figures, promotions, updates, competitions and feel free to add pictures, stories and parental tips and advice of your own!

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. My Green Nappy – what a wonderful site and cause!

2. Candy Soirees Facebook fan page – Invitations by Design – great for all occasions!

3. Google – I thank google for giving me the inspiration to start Upsy Baby – all the information I needed!

Meet Our Guests... Meet Our Guests
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Let’s talk more!

What types of products (any baby products) or brands would you like Upsy Baby to stock?

– Penny

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  1. Thanks for the great finds of info!


    Comment by Nick from Todae Eco Store — April 22, 2010 @ 2:06 pm

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