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May 7, 2010

How Do I Find Cheaper Modern Cloth Nappies? 3 Simple Tips…

How do I find cheaper modern cloth nappies?

– You need to find some cloth nappies that are cheaper than the recommended retail price?

Perhaps you are on a tight budget or want to ease into cloth nappies economically. This brief article will help you to get started in finding different sources for your cloth nappies. Yes, there are many ways for you to save money using modern cloth – or, I should say, even MORE money using modern cloth. Potentially, you can save thousands of dollars. This of course depends on what sort of nappies you use, how often, how many babies wear them and now – what you bought them for in the first place!

OK, Let’s look at 3 strategies to find brand new modern cloth nappies for less:

1. Seek out Super Sales on Seconds!

Find new nappies going cheaper for a variety of reasons – out-of-line stitching, wrong label, wrong colour… Every manufacturer will have some sort of an outlet for their seconds nappies – it may be on an auction site, on their main site, at local markets, simply by asking! Visit My Nappy Style Windows to browse the section listing retailers in Australia and New Zealand who have a section or shop for selling their ‘Seconds’ nappies. Do be sure to look at the fine print – as they are seconds, they may not be returnable, and are sold ‘as is’, though often the manufacturing fault is hardly noticeable and does not effect the function of the nappy. You will be told what the flaw is when considering the nappy.

2. Keep Your Eye Out for Fleeting Clearance Sales…

Retailers may have a new stocking coming in, or a few nappies from an old range or style that they want to ‘clear out’ to make way for the new arrivals. You can grab a fast and perhaps very discounted bargain! My Nappy Style Windows has a section specifically listing Modern Cloth Nappy Retailers with a ‘Clearance Sales’ section. You will need to keep an eye on them, so perhaps join their announcement list to be notified when these super specials are up for grabs.

3. Do Some Savvy Searching at Second Hand Marketplaces.

Yes – secondhand auctions and sales sites list new nappies as well – those that were the wrong size or colour, excess in a stash – all sorts of reasons – and you can grab them at reduced prices in the secondharnd market. Remember – they ARE moving to their second home, so be sure you know what they nappy sells for new, and negotiate or cap your bids accordingly. Used Nappies has a category for heavily discounted new nappies, with at least 30% off the retail price. This site lists the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – it is ALWAYS smart to know what the nappy is going for new, so that you can spot a bargain, or negotiate on the price knowledgeably.

Finding modern cloth nappies cheaper will be a breeze following these 3 helpful tips. You’ll be able to get a killer stash for much less with a little clever hunting around and clicking with your mouse. Sometimes, every little bit helps, and that is a common time when we have little ones in the nappy stage. ENJOY hunting for the best bargains you can find, and feel proud when you do! Other articles on My Green Nappy will have other tips for finding nappies at the best prices, and have a look through the other resources and see what you can find.

Your Frugal Challenge:

What if you picked a style or brand of nappy you want to get, then spend the next week tracking down cheaper sources for that nappy? Set a price and seek it out!

The Mission of My Green Nappy is to encourage and help every parent down under to have at least ONE ‘green’ nappy in their baby’s wardrobe, knowing that whenever the baby wears it, one less disposable nappy will be heading off to landfill…

3 More relevant resources at My Green Nappy:

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2. Where you can look for quality secondhand cloth nappies.

3.You can save by purchasing though My Nappy Style Window for Bulk Packs or Value Bundles of Modern Cloth Nappies.

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  1. Hi,

    Another idea to get cloth nappies on a budget is to buy one reusable nappy each week, this might seem expensive but each week you will spend less on disposables and eventually you will have all the nappies you require!

    Comment by Karen — May 11, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

  2. I have only purchased my nappies on sale or with a bulk buy discount. I just signed up for the newsletters, and/or facebook pages of companies I was interested in, and then waited for sale announcements and competitions, and I like to shop during the Nappy Hunt too. This has allowed me to build an excellent stash for my daughters without paying full price.

    Comment by Sara — May 16, 2010 @ 8:03 pm

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