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June 22, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #13

Green Promise Nappy #13 is a Stuff ‘em Silly night time pocket nappy.


Proudly donated by Nicole from Krap Katchers in Queensland.

About Krap Katchers:

I have one mission .. to keep your baby dry overnight (and mine of course).

Krap Katchers began in 2007 after a heavy wetting baby soaked through a PUL nappy. Rigorous testing began with the one thirsty big weeing baby and not one wet night! Well, there was one wet T-shirt. Note to Daddy, don’t tuck T-shirts into nappies! Soon after 15 Stunt bums were chosen for their talent at wetting bed sheets. The result, still no wet nights with the final Stuff ’em Silly design.

If I can make the world a better place by just keeping one baby dry over night then my life will be complete. *insert cheesy music here*

A little bit more about me… I am married with two daugthers Miss Madeleine 2.5 and Miss Genevieve 1, and they like to keep us on our toes! We have used and loved modern cloth nappies for both girls since birth and I am a proud advocate for the cause. So when the opportunity arose to combine my love of sewing and modern cloth nappies, I couldn’t let it pass me by 🙂

As the proud new owner of Krap Katchers I am very excited about our future plans and hope you will be as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the trim Brazillian Bikini Day nappies being released, and the still in development, yet to be named all-in-two style nappies as well.

Visit Krap Katchers...

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