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June 17, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #4

Green Promise Nappy # 4 is a Green Cushie Tushies Nappy.


Proudly donated by Charndra fromĀ Tribal Baby in South Australia.

About Tribal Baby:

Charndra Chris and Maven began their ‘EC journey’ in 2005, when Maven was born.

Being so astounded by how using nappies ‘part time’ through EC was such a wonderful way to connect with their son on a daily basis, they began sharing their experiences in ‘Nappy Free Baby’ when Maven was around seven months old. (and thus had beginning mobility and slightly less in-arms-on-the-boob time with Mum!)

In time other pages on related topics were added, with links to resources for finding out more, those sources of information found useful and thought-provoking, or that allowed an informed understanding of a topic. Nappy Free Baby has grown as Maven has grown and progressed through the many ‘phases’ of EC.

Tribal baby has visitors from over 25 countries!

When Maven turned two, and was nearly completed in his EC journey, Charndra began work on the “Part time Diaper / Nappy Free” online course. This grew out of noticing a need in the EC Community for a simple, guided structure to empower and give people ongoing support and practical strategies to follow as they moved from full time nappy use to part time nappy use.

Charndra noticed that people would want to start EC, but just couldn’t work out where to begin, and that people would get discouraged and give up when reaching various developmental stages, feeling somehow they weren’t doing it ‘right’.

Or, people would be interested, yet never actually start. She has planned the materials to counteract that by giving people a clear sense of how adaptable EC is to their lifestyle – as a way simply to cut their use of nappies down to a manageable level as they develop the skills and confidence in communicating with their baby through elimination communication.

After some conversations with her grandma, who had done this with her own children (and assumed all mothers still did this) she was inspired to help make these skills a normal part of baby care again – even on a very low key level. For, as those who practice EC know, the basic skills are quite simple, and people can then focus more or less time on their communication as the changing needs of their family require.

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