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June 18, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #5

Green Promise Nappy #5 is a Large Green Spunky Butts All in One Nappy.


Proudly donated by Charndra from Part Time Nappy Free! in South Australia.

About Part Time Nappy Free!

Ever wondered whay mothers did before disposable nappies? Ever wonder what they did before nappies? They did EC, or ‘Elimination Communication’ – a cumbersome term that put simply, means popping your baby on a potty and giving them the chance to do their business there rather than in their nappy, whatever sort of nappy it may be.

Taking it further, EC is a way to connect on a new level with your baby (and your baby with you), helping them to communicate about some basic needs they have.

Yep, babies can’t hold on like we can, but they sure can ‘release’ if given a timely opportunity! That’s what you can help them learn when discovering EC. Offer them a potty break, and see how they go!

Part Time Nappy Free collects a bunch of tips under different areas that ECing families have found helpful, and a lot of this is gathered in a free online guide to getting started with being part-time nappy free, as that is far more realistic, and is what our grannies did, and mothers still do around the world even today!

Visit Part Time Nappy Free...

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