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July 14, 2010

Meet Our Guest: Safe Care Clean

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Let’s meet Joe, the proud owner of Safe Care Clean:

Hello! I am Joe, I live in Australia and I am the father of two lovely children aged 5 and 7.

About Safe Care Clean…

Safe Care Clean is a line of highly effective cleaning products derived from potent, bio-based resources.

Safe Care Clean came into being when I looked at all the chemical cleaners on the supermarket shelves and wondered just how much poison we inadvertently subject ourselves, our children, and our environment to, just by cleaning our homes. It drove me to seek a natural, non- toxic alternative, and the Safe Care Clean products are the result.

Our Planet Matters!

Safe Care Clean products are made from natural, renewable, plant-based ingredients. In an age where plastic is being used in the production of so many things, it is important to step away and choose alternative, renewable resources. Although these ingredients are non-toxic, they are still so effective that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommend it for cleaning up man-made disasters like oil spills.

Safe Care Clean products are completely safe for our children, and are used by child care centres across Australia. They are non-reactive and do not contain any carcinogens, toxic vapours or harmful bleaches. They are biodegradable and can also be used with septic or grey water systems. Furthermore, the containers that they come in can be recycled, or refilled and reused.

This planet is not ours; we are also keeping it in trust for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come. Therefore it is important that we do as much as we can to preserve and not pollute the environment!

When visiting Safe Care Clean, be sure you see:

1. The High Performance Cleaner is ideal for cleaning any washable surface, including children’s toys and equipment.

2. Concentrated Laundry Superwash, a fragrance and phosphate-free formulation suitable for hard and soft water. Containing no artificial foam builders, dyes, fragrances, or thickeners, Safe Care Clean Laundry Wash will not irritate skin or cause allergic reactions.

3. Buy online! A range of other environmentally-safe cleaning products are available from the Safe Care Clean site.

3 of our favourite sites are:

1. Kitty’s Crumble – Kitty litter made from organic coir (coconut husk). Safe for cats and entirely natural, it is even reusable in the garden.

2. Kritter’s Crumble – Natural bedding for birds, reptiles and small animals. Also made from coir, it comes in coarse and fine grades.

Meet Our Guests...

Meet Our Guests
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Find out more about our guests…

Let’s talk more!

What have your experiences with regular vs eco-friendly cleaning products been like?

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