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July 6, 2010

What’s the Best Cloth Nappy Gift for a Baby Shower?

The Sponsors of the first Green Promise Nappies are your Nappy Doulas for this series of ‘Congo Questions’.

The Winter Sponsors of the 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative were invited to contribute to this series of Congo Questions. Each donated a special cloth nappy to go out as a giveaway prize to become an ambassador for ‘Nappy Change’ as it stopped a disposable heading to landfill each time it is worn. This seasonal giveaway strives to reach 100 donated nappies in a future round, and you can register at any time to either play in the current giveaway (they go for 6 weeks at the start of each season) or register to be notified when the next round is set to begin! You can enter into the draw for one nappy, or all of them!

Winter Green Promise Nappy Sponsors – Congo Advice #5

My friend is having a baby. What’s a lovely nappy ‘gift set’ I could offer for her baby shower?

You’ll see a wonderful range of responses, and no doubt will gain a perspective on the question that relates well to your situation and needs. No-one sees what anyone else contributes until it is published here. This is what your Nappy Doula’s have to say:

Amanda from Sweet Bubba Eco Store:

I would give her a nappy of a couple of different brands, such as our nappy trial pack.

Janine from Ninky Bear:

Well, you have come to the right place! Ninky Bear has a brand new Unique Gift Range! Flower Pots and Lolly Jars, made from Modern Cloth nappies and baby clothes! A fantastic way to introduce new users to the wonderful world of modern cloth nappies!

Emma from Brindabella Baby:

Why not match a cute nappy (like Cushie Tushies Couture all-in-ones, or Bumwear print pockets) to organic cotton BabyLegs legwarmers?

Or choose a nappy and match it to a fair trade toy – like a finger puppet, small wooden toy, or soft toy.

Cassandra from New Age Nappies:

I buy my friends a GroVia day pack.

Eva from Oz Baby Trends:

The Pop-Ins are available in boxed trial packs ($38) which come with a nappy, mini wet bag and flushable liner. Or if you’re happy to spend a bit more, some of our retailers stock the Pop-In Day Pack ($169) which consists of 5 Pop-Ins and 1 dri-night booster.

Cindy from Ticklefish Tots:

There are a number of small businesses and work at home mums who now do “nappy cakes” (some even do cloth ones!) These often have all sorts of little things that one may need for a newborn, such as singlets, socks, facewashers, baby creams, bath washes and powders, baby wraps and of course nappies!

Ticklefish Tots has developed a “gift set” which is suitable, not only for newborns, but for any age baby! They consist of 4 complete AI2 nappies, 4 cloth wipes, and a wetbag, packaged in a teddy bear back pack! Of course, not everyone is a cloth nappy fan, so you’d need to know if this is the path your friend has chosen before bestowing cloth gifts upon her!

Marnie from Noonee Wilga:

Cloth breast pads are so soft against the skin and very absorbent. At Noonee Wilga I make several styles of breast pads for both light and heavy absorbency.

Jacquie from Cheeky Cherubs:

Depending on your price range, the Itti Bitti nappies are just gorgeous if you want a pretty gift. We can put together a gift set to suit you including any of our range of Bandana Bibs, Cloth Wipes, Merino Hats, Changing Mats, Wetbags… Send an email through and we’ll put something together especially for you!

Rebecca From Bean Sprout Bubba:

If she is going to use cloth nappies, buy a set with a nappy, wetbag and extra inserts for her to start off with.

Ask her what brand she likes, and whether she wants a keepsake nappy (usually newborn or small size) or a practical nappy (usually small upwards).

Or find out about nappy cake makers, some of them are made up with terry towelling nappies, and some even have modern cloth nappies included in them.

Thank you to all our nappy doula’s for their contributions,

P.S Have you seen the Modern Cloth Mini Trend of Nappy Cakes?

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  1. You could make a cloth nappy cake if you got all the guests to buy one nappy each (or contribute money towards nappies) before the party!

    Comment by Karen — July 12, 2010 @ 8:58 pm

  2. The best gifts I think are:
    – modern cloth nappies. I love the Grobaby/ Gro Vias and Bumwear- especially bumwear- they’re one of the cheapest, and the best!
    – Legwarmers- either Agoo, baby legs or Huggalugs. I have all three, and they’re all great in their own way.
    – Laundry detergent! A gift that you know they will use…
    – Terry Squares. Even if they’re not using mcn, they’re still handy as dribble rags, blankets… Even better, why not have a go at tie dying them yourself?
    – A good carrier, if you really want to treat them.
    – A nice wet bag/ or a nice nappy bag.

    Comment by Christine — July 12, 2010 @ 10:41 pm

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