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August 3, 2010

What Wool ‘Soakers’ Can I Use Over My Baby’s Cloth Nappy?

The Sponsors of the first Green Promise Nappies are your Nappy Doulas for this series of ‘Congo Questions’.

The Winter Sponsors of the 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative were invited to contribute to this series of Congo Questions. Each donated a special cloth nappy to go out as a giveaway prize to become an ambassador for ‘Nappy Change’ as it stopped a disposable heading to landfill each time it is worn. This seasonal giveaway strives to reach 100 donated nappies in a future round, and you can register at any time to either play in the current giveaway (they go for 6 weeks at the start of each season) or register to be notified when the next round is set to begin! You can enter into the draw for one nappy, or all of them!

Winter Green Promise Nappy Sponsors – Congo Advice #9

“I would like a simple explanation of the wool soakers to use over a baby’s cloth nappy. What do I buy?”

You’ll see a wonderful range of responses, and no doubt will gain a perspective on the question that relates well to your situation and needs. No-one sees what anyone else contributes until it is published here. This is what your Nappy Doula’s have to say:

Amanda from Sweet Bubba Eco Store:

To be quite honest the only wool covers I have tried are the Baby Beehinds and I love them, unfortunately they seem to be discontinued. There are some great WAHM wool soakers if you go to OzeBaby or WAHMnaps.

Emma from Brindabella Baby:

I look for soakers that are machine washable, and fit well – Cushie Tushies are my favourite.

Cindy from Ticklefish Tots:

A woollen soaker is a knitted pair of pants, and can be long or short. An effective woollen soaker will be closely knitted with 100% pure wool. Wool is another material which wicks moisture away from bub without leaking. Wool soakers can be made more effective by lanolising (dissolving a blob of lanolin in hot water, letting the water cool then soaking the soaker in the mixture), which simply reinforces the natural water resistant nature of the wool. There are many WAHM’s who knit and sell wool soakers, including Ticklefish Tots from time to time.

Rebecca From Bean Sprout Bubba:

Wool covers can be either sewn from a wool fabric or handknit from wool yarn.

They can be either triangluar wraps or pullup covers.

Wool pullup covers are either soakers (covers the nappy snugly), shorties (like a pair of shorts) or longies (like a pair of long pants).

There are also capri-length wool pullup covers, and skirties that have little skirts attached to the pullups.

To use, you will need a cover or two (or more), some lanolin (lansinoh nipple cream or anhydrous wool fat from the chemist), and optionally some woolwash or baby shampoo. Also need a good set of wool care instructions and instructions on how to relanolise your woollies.

Thank you to all our nappy doula’s for their contributions,

Here is a post which links to a great video showing you step-by step how to crochet a woolen soaker for your baby: How do I crochet a woolen nappy soaker?
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