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September 28, 2010

All in One: The Convenience of a Disposable Nappy in a Reusable Nappy for your Baby.

Nervous about baby’s caregivers freaking out about you switching to cloth nappies?

Grab yourself some ‘All in One’s’, (AIO’s) – they are just like a disposable nappy to use, except you can reuse them over and over and over…

This article is about the most convenient of the modern cloth nappy styles – the AIO, or ‘ALL in One’.  As its name implies, all the parts of the nappy are sewn in – the waterproof cover, the soaker and liner are all attached together. You won’t have anything to lose in the washing basket or have to assemble before putting on your baby. In My Nappy Style Window for All in One Nappies you will find a starting line-up of retailers who are offering All in One’s for you to buy and try for your baby, toddler – knowing that whenever you start, ach time your child wears a washable nappy, you are saving on the cost of a throwaway nappy, and saving what it would have cost you at the checkout too!

Let’s look at 3 aspects of the All in One nappy that you should be aware of:

1. Ease – All in One Nappies are a breeze to use.

As the all in one nappy has no separate covers, no soakers to snap in, nothing to stuff or sort, they are the easiest modern cloth nappies to use. Just put them on, baby then does their thing for a couple of hours, then pull them off and pop them in your dry bucket until washing day. Liners are still used for ease of poo removal, and to help prevent stains, though the sun gets any of those out in a few hours on the line.

2. All in one nappies will take longer to dry.

As many styles have the soaker sewn in the body of the nappy, and the waterproof cover is also attached, the AIO will take longer to dry. An extra spin cycle can speed the drying process, and hanging them near a sunny wall if you have a clothesline near a wall. Less eco-friendly, a bit of time in the tumble diryer can speed drying time – though high heat can damage a PUL layer. So, you will need a few more all in one nappies for long winter days and when your baby goes through more for those many reasons they do at different times – teething, in spring, when ill and so on. There are All-in-1 nappies that have the soaker parts attached at the ends but customisable for thickness – these will dry more quickly, such as the Bambooty ‘Easy Dry’ ??

3. AIO nappies are more ‘fool proof’ than other modern cloth nappy styles.

If  daddy, grandma, auntie, day care or other caregivers will be changing your baby’s nappies, using all in ones makes it as easy as pie for them. On, off, in a wet bag or bucket and on with a new nappy –  using an AI1 nappy is the most like a disposable, though they can come with snaps or velcro.

It’s a good idea to have a couple for those times when baby is just ‘past it’ and you need to get a nappy on them as fast as possible, and don’t have time to stuff, or assemble a nappy while baby screeches on the change table.

With these three ideas you’ll find you know how to make the most of the AIO nappies in your stash.

Many brands will have an AIO version of their nappies, you can explore them via My Nappy Style Window for All in One Nappies. You’ll know you are giving your baby a more sustainable future by using washable, reusable modern cloth nappies. Every baby should have at least one ‘green’ nappy in their wardrobe – and you can find it by exploring the resources here at My Green

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A Question for you about All in One nappies:

What is an AIO you have in your stash that you would like to recommend today?

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