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November 27, 2010

More Top Nappy Advice for YOU from Liz of Real Nappies NZ

More Top Nappy Advice from Liz of Real Nappies NZ:

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What’s a helpful tip for keeping my nappies sorted after washing and drying?

A great way to keep everything simple is to fold your nappies and pop them under the change-table so that they are ready to use as soon as it gets to change time. This makes change time quick and easy every time.

What are the features and benefits of using a wetbag?

We loooove our wet bag – top quality and the beauty of it is you can throw it in the washing machine! When you are out and about and have a soiled nappy, flush the solids down the toilet with the liner and pop your wet nappies in the wet bag. As the bag is totally waterproof and has a drawstring toggle it’s easy to keep the smells contained and the nappies sealed. When you get home simple transfer the whole bag contents and the bag itself into the washing machine. Great for a trip to Grandma’s or for a day at DayCare, the care-givers can just place all the wet items in the bag for you to collect at the end of the day. Plus when bubs is out of the nappy stage we found the bags were great for swimming togs, toys – anything!

Snaps or velcro? What is a benefit of each?

I have tried snaps and velcro. Velcro always wins for me, as I like a quick and easy nappy change and with a wriggly toddler believe me snaps seem to take forever. I also found snaps are no way near as adjustable as velcro. With a whole velcro band across the cover it means you can adjust from the tiniest to the largest quickly and easily, usually with snaps you can only adjust the cover to 2 or sometimes 3 different places. Having said that if you have a baby that likes to undo their nappy, snaps are great as they are tricky to get off. You do have to make sure you close the velcro tabs before washing too so as to avoid lint build-up.

Some people believe velcro does not last as long as snaps – well with Real Nappies this is no longer an issue. Real Nappies offer a unique 2-child guarantee, which guarantees they will replace your covers or nappies if they fail at any time during this period, see their website for more information. Plus with Real Nappies being used in hospitals and daycares and washed daily by an industrial washing machine at very high temperatures, they have to be up to the rigours of what a domestic washing machine can throw at them!

What are the Benefits of Pocket nappies?

Pocket nappies are perceived as simple nappies to use and are great when someone is looking after your little one as they are easy to use – downside is don’t expect your babysitter to fish in the pocket and pull out the wet nappy at change time, they will probably just want to change the whole nappy, so more washing 🙁

What are the Benefits of the All in One nappy?

All in one nappies are seen are easy to use nappies and again are great when someone is looking after your baby. There is nothing to put in a pocket or fold as it is all built in. Downside is every time you change you bubs the whole thing needs to be washed.

Softness: What fabrics are softest? How do I keep them feeling soft?

I’m a fan of cotton – it keeps baby cool, is totally breathable, lasts for ever, very cost effective and is super soft! Real Nappies use 100% cotton nappies which are awesome and fantastic quality (how else could they offer a unique 2-child guarantee?!) Bamboo is beautifully soft too as is microfleece. Call me old- fashioned, but I am still a natural cotton fan… why else is the majority of underwear and clothing made of cotton… Simple because it is soft, breathable and the least likely fabric to irritate sensitive skin.

What are your top tips for travelling with cloth nappies?

Be sure to be confident with your cloth nappies before you go travelling. Many people opt for disposable nappies when travelling or on long car trips. However there really is no need, as long as you have the following: > • Wet bag for soiled nappies > • Spare nappy covers and nappies (bonus with 2-part system like Real Nappies is you don’t need as many covers as you don’t have to change the cover every change time) > • Correct size – be confident with your nappies and there will be no leaks! > • If you are away on holiday with No Washing Machine – simply bring along a storage container (like a bucket), flush your solids away with the bioliner down the toilet. Pop the wet nappies in the bucket and soak in the bucket when you have a full lot in a solution such as Nappy Fresh sanitiser – excellent for whitening and sanitizing your nappies! OR, simply transfer the whole lot to the washing machine and add Nappy Fresh sanitizer to the machine…easy!

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  1. I bought a pack of Real Nappies at my local Countdown and have been using them for months. I love them so it was great to see some information from the owner on the site. Thanks Charndra!

    Comment by Janey B — December 13, 2010 @ 12:39 pm

  2. I love these nappies too – I’ve been using Real Nappies for 3 years, now on my second baby. Great product and I’ve saved a fortune! They last forever.

    Comment by Emily — December 14, 2010 @ 9:06 am

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