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February 6, 2011

Reducing Your Baby’s Impact on the Environment (Kyra of Bubbalooba)

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Reducing Your Baby’s Impact on the Environment

By Kyra Howearth of Bubbalooba

Babies, although they can be very tiny and completely innocent, they can almost have a major impact on the environment due to our disposable-consumer culture.

Everything from disposable nappies to their clothes can affect our world, and especially as babies grow so quickly, it is wise to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, not only for our future, but for our children’s future.

From birth to toilet training (the average age for children to be out of nappies is 2 and a half years old), your baby could go through over 7000 nappy changes. If you use disposable nappies, this means 7000 nappies going to landfill, which won’t start to decompose for centuries, if not longer. Using modern cloth nappies is a really effective way to decrease your baby’s impact on our earth, and is actually quite cost effective too. If you swap your disposable wipes for cloth wipes as well, you can reduce the impact even further!

By cooking your own baby food, rather than buying it from the supermarket, you can reduce the amount of waste from your household – it is amazing how quickly all those empty jars of baby food can stack up! If you do buy baby food on occasion, try to buy jars that you could wash and reuse, or at least put in the recycling bin. Making baby food at home is also a lot cheaper, and often tastier and healthier too.

It seems that packaging from food is a major contributor to landfill, and unfortunately a lot of the packaging is made from plastic. If you have the choice between breastfeeding and giving your baby formula, give breastfeeding a go – not only is it more convenient (you don’t need to worry about buying it from the shop, or heating it to just the right temperature, or measuring out exact quantities of water and powder) but you will save a lot of money, and save the environment too! Not only will you reduce waste by not throwing away empty formula tins, but you also won’t have to worry about buying plastic bottles for your baby to drink from.

Clothing is something else to consider if you want to lessen your affect on the environment – you may not realise, but by being aware of how much water and chemicals go into growing the fibres which make your clothing, you can help give your children a better future. Bamboo is becoming quite popular, particular for baby’s clothing – not only is it super soft, but it is also very eco-friendly. Bamboo grows very quickly and with minimal water and often no chemicals. Other eco-friendly fabrics to consider are organic cotton and hemp – there are plenty of online baby stores which stock products made from these fibres. Some even sell adult clothing – why not buy yourself a soft pair of socks made from bamboo?

There are many ways you can decrease the impact on the environment made by you and your family, and lots of little steps which can add up to saving the environment. You can help make a better future for your children, grandchildren, and their children too.

Kyra Howearth is a mum and is passionate about doing her bit for the environment. She makes and sells her own modern cloth nappies and other eco-friendly baby products.


Reducing Your Baby’s Impact on the Environment

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