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March 6, 2011

How to Have a Lego Party at Home for 6 Year Olds

A Lego Party is a lot of fun!

A lego party is also fun to organise and plan for.

Let me show you how I arranged a Lego party for my 6 year old and 10 guests aged 5-10:

Hit Google Images: Lego Party first to trawl for ideas. My son and I had a BALL doing this one evening, jotting down all the cool ideas we saw, and whittled them down later.

Here’s the invite:

I made it in photoshop with the help of google images. I then had however many printed as photos at the photo kiosk place nearby, 50c or so a pop.

This is what we ended up doing in more or less sequential order, starting with the decorations we made up in lots of activities leading up to the party:

Rather than balloons to identify the ‘Party house’, Chris and Maven made a giant Lego Topper to go over the Letterbox:

Over the tables were signs decorated by Mr 6 saying “Welcome to the Lego Factory”, easily laminated with our $20 laminater: (love the thing!)

We collected boxes and attached plastic lids with hot glue and spray painted them to have ‘Lego falling from the Sky” as Maven put it, together with streamers in Lego colours. Lots of recycling going on:

I also chopped up plastic tablecloths and added plastic party plates with blu-tak to look like giant lego pieces on the wall:

Lego Game: Design Your Own MiniFig:

As the kids arrived, they got a name tag to hang around their neck and sat at the table to design their own Mini Fig with trays of pencils, textas and wind-up crayons, then I stuck them up on the window. At the end I put them in their thank-you bags. Here is the original:

Once they had mostly arrived, I got them together, said Hi and told them where the loo was (important for shy 5 year olds!) Then we played a simple guessing game:

Lego Game: Guess How Many Lego Bricks in the Glass:

I showed them a plastic glass full of lego bricks and had them guess how many. I devised a solution to getting guesses like “One million trillion’ or the converse of ’10’, which was to pre-count the bricks (and write it on a slip of paper) and then give them a range of 15 numbers around that to choose from, each kid picking one:

Lego Game: Guess How Many Lego Bricks in the Glass?

Then we called a winner and gave a small prize. I was going to do mini figs as prizes, but they are $5 each! So I got two wheel axels for a dollar each – $2 a prize, plus a lolly in some cello:

I made up 5 of these and gave them out in the end for Best Lego Guesser, three for tallest tower, one for the Pinata Popper and one for something else… Other games were just playing or everyone got a choccy egg for playing to put in their Lego thank-you bag:

I got little bags from the cheapie shop, and one large one which I spent a swimming lesson and afternoon watching Bones cutting out and attaching circles with raised double sided foam bits while Jett slept! Crazy pointless maybe, but it was fun and I was proud of them, lol.

Anyhoo, where were we? Oh Yes, the first Lego game was one I called “5 Swap Silly”. Here is an example:

Lego Game: 5 Swap Silly!

Lego Game: How to play 5 Swap Silly:

What you do is give each kid a plate to put their blocks on, and they pick out 5 pieces and in about 15-20 seconds they must quickly join them together any which way. Then they each give theirs to the next kid, and add another 5 pieces any which way, and then swap again and again for maybe 5- 10 minutes. A good ice breaker, silly, no goal sort of game in which they all build these silly structures and have a bit of fun. Then we took some group photos, the first of which was pulling goofy faces, actually they all were!

After that they raced around outside for a bit and we got out the yellow balloons with smiling faces on them to play “Happy Head Hopping” – a silly balloon game is a must for all kids parties, yes? The aim is to keep the ‘Happy Heads’ up in the air. That’s it. We did it outside, and as it was hot and I guess the lawn was recently mowed, um, the balloons all popped pretty quickly! Maven and I and Jett had fun drawing faces on the balloons.

Helpful Tip: Use oven trays to put Lego in. Putting them on the table = disaster. I also got two boxes of basic bricks specifically for the party, so we didn’t use Maven’s ‘own’ Lego – another tip from experienced lego party throwers on the net. Then he scores the lot of course! I also got a bunch of 2nd hand ‘Lego Bits’ – odd bits and pieces that they could use to ‘hot up’ their racers later in the party.

Helpful Tip: Use oven trays to put Lego in.

Somewhere around here we had lunch – just the usual party pies, sausage rolls, fish fingers and chicken nuggets with sauce. They wolfed them down and had either lemonade or water in named plastic cups.

Lego Game: Pin the Dot on the Lego!

During lunch I pulled them over one at a time to play “Pin the Dot on the Lego” – As you’ve gotta have a ‘pin the something on the something’ each party! Maven was proud to have helped make so many of the party decorations and games, too.

Lego Game: Pin the Dot on the Lego!

It is simply a piece of card with some wrapping paper stuck on it, and circles cut out the same colour. This one has 6 places to ‘pin’, though we used blu-tak. I also pre-named each of the dots for ease. I put a beanie on their head and over their eyes. As someone or several always cheat, each kid got a choccy egg to put in their thankyou bag for playing! Easy and fun.

Lego Game: Lego Draw-String Pinata

Then they ran outside again for a bit. We also did the Lego Pinata. Now, this was a ‘Draw String Pinata’, which I will be using for ever after this! I made this one in about a half an hour one arvo with a wine box and tissue paper cut into fringing and stuck on:

Lego Game: Lego Draw-String Pinata

What you do is have a flap in the bottom (3 sided) , and punch x holes in it with a pencil. Thread a bunch of ribbons in it, one of which has a stopper on it and thus opens the flap when pulled. The other kids just pull out a ribbon! Have the ribbon pulled in a fair way so they have to pull it out a bit. The winner was the person who ‘popped’ the pinata, although everyone got a lolly bag that fell out, along with bits of tissue and spray painted bits of pasta that dropped everywhere! Fun, much much less stressful than managing a stick and blind-folded kids and a pinata which never breaks…..

The last game we played was a tallest tower game. As I pre-tested each before the party, I knew that the recommended 2 minutes would result in hysterics, so I gave them ten minutes!

Lego Game: Tallest Lego Tower in Ten Minutes!

Lego Game: Tallest Lego Tower in Ten Minutes!

I gave out prizes to the three tallest towers at the end. This photo is from a practise tower during the week before the party, actually on a 5 swap silly creation!

Lego Game: Build Your Own Racing Car:

Before the party the guests were each given a ‘pre-party kit’, which was a racing car kit (actually a Lego knock-off for $2 each) to build at home and bring to the party. We also trialled having this as part of the party – ‘no way’ was the result – Mum and Dad helped them all out at home! We had time to admire them when they arrived as well. Here are Maven and Jett’s:

Lego Party: Build a Racing Car!

Chris and Maven built a ramp for the kids to ‘race ‘ their cars, and they did this for a while. It was sort of crazy, lots of crashes and re-building. They could also do some ‘hotting up’ of their car with the Lego bits tray and then take it home with them. I think they really enjoyed this bit!

Lego Cake Time!

We sang Happy Birthday, he blew out the candle, we cheered and ate cake!

Lego Cake is where I looked for cake ideas. Looking at the offerings, I soon decided a cake that looked like stacked lego bricks was not my goal – most cakes looked a bit bodgy, lol, or super-excellent, and I have no patience for that kind of thing. So, I was inspired by the fancy cakes where it looks like the minifig men are making the cake and adapted it to my own idea – taking a bought chocolate cake and inserting some Lego buttresses and mini figs on top! Worked great!

That’s it really, oh yes, at the last ten minutes I got them in the front room to watch a 4 minute slide show of Lego creations that I pulled off google images and made into a slide-show movie. Cool things like Iron Man, R2-D2, ginormous Lego towers, cities, space ships, sculptures and the most amazing things made from Lego!

If you are considering throwing a Lego party, I’m sure you can adapt some of these ideas to suit, just as I did. Apparently they are just as popular for boys and girls, from 4 to about 12. I look forward to a few more Lego parties in the future!

– Charndra

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  1. Just wow!!

    Fantastic idea, going to use this when Calvin’s a big boy 😉

    Comment by Rebecca Tham — March 6, 2011 @ 7:54 pm

  2. Awesome, love your ideas, hope one of my girls wants to do a lego party at some stage, it looked like so much fun.
    Especially love the decorations, who would have thought boxes and lids could look so authentic 🙂

    Comment by Louise — March 22, 2011 @ 11:14 am

  3. Hi Charndra! I’ve had this page bookmarked for a few years now. My littlest is turning 5 and I can’t wait to use the ideas in a few weeks. Thanks so much…it’s going to be great!


    Comment by Laura Hamilton — January 4, 2012 @ 3:50 am

  4. Were did you recive the minifig design?

    Comment by Amanda — May 13, 2012 @ 5:53 pm

  5. I found one on google images. Look up things like Lego Man, blank minifig, or email me and I’ll send you a copy of my file.
    Here is the link for one I just googled: blank minifig

    Comment by Charndra — May 14, 2012 @ 2:18 pm

  6. I love your ideas! Where did you find that lego knock off race kit? I have searched on line and can’t seem to find something.

    Comment by Anona D — December 10, 2012 @ 6:41 am

  7. Hi Anona,
    I found them at Cheap as Chips for $2! Our local one has closed down now though…

    Comment by ch@rndr@ — December 30, 2012 @ 3:26 pm

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