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March 18, 2011

Reusable Nappy Covers – The Latest Trend For Tender Tots (Cassandra of New Age Nappies)

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Reusable Nappy Covers – The Latest Trend For Tender Tots

By Cassandra Silvey of New Age Nappies

A recent study by undergraduate pediatric students from Cambridge University in the UK found that the number of new mothers choosing cloth nappies over disposable nappies has increased by almost 30% over the past 5 years.

This is a clear indication that modern mothers are taking a more eco-friendly approach to the future well being of their children. Similar research in Europe and the US is clearly showing that although disposable nappies are still the most popular choice, a definite mind-shift is occurring.

It stands to reason that a more proactive approach to protecting our increasingly fragile environment would have its genesis in those who are responsible for the health and well being of the next generation.

And why not? The simple, square cloth nappies we associate with our grandmothers have adapted to the 21st century with new styles and fabrics that make them every bit as convenient and easy to use as disposables.

Sadly though, many of the arguments about the inconvenience and bulkiness of cloth nappies are outdated and obsolete, yet they still persist.

These days, cloth nappies, liners and inserts are made from super-absorbent fabrics using the latest technologies. Mothers who choose cloth nappies can also select from a number of eco-friendly options to increase absorbency during the long nights when the reusable nappy has to work hardest.

The most important consideration for new mothers deciding on whether to choose cloth nappies versus disposables is the nappy cover. A quality reusable nappy cover can mean the difference between a happy contented mother — which usually equals a happy, contented baby – and one who is ready to tear her hair out.

Reusable nappy covers come in a variety of materials and with a variety of benefits for baby and mother, so it makes sense to look at which ones get the tick of approval and which ones fail miserably.

Let’s start with the best choices and why they are generally recommended by all cloth nappy advocates.

Genuine fleece or wool nappy covers tend to rank in first place because fleece and wool are natural fibres which are water-resistant but have the ability to breathe, so baby doesn’t have a mini-sauna on his or her bottom! And because the natural material allows air to circulate around and through the nappy, these fabrics act as natural air conditioners, cooling baby’s bottom and keeping it drier through moisture evaporation.

Woollen or fleece nappy covers also have another benefit for busy mothers. The lanolin in wool breaks down the elements in urine so they don’t have to be washed every time you change nappies. In fact, a wool reusable nappy cover can be used over and over with no ill effects and mothering manuals suggest they only need to be washed every 4 to 5 weeks. So, how’s that for a labour-saving natural alternative to disposable nappies?

Another popular choice is polyester reusable nappy covers with an inner lining of polyurethane laminate (PUL) which forms a protective wetness barrier and thus prevents leakage. PUL covers also allow a degree of breathability, so keep baby comfortable.

PUL covers can be easily added to the nappy wash and dry quickly, so they can be easily reused in a short space of time.

Wool or fleece covers allow air to circulate and also have the ability to help moisture evaporation, but don’t work as effectively when there is little or no air flow. Wool is highly water-resistant, not water-proof, so prolonged periods in, say, a car seat or pram may cause leakage to occur.

On the other hand, PUL covers provide moisture protection in most situations, particularly overnight, but don’t allow air to circulate well.

New mothers who want the economy and eco-friendly advantage of cloth nappies with reusable nappy covers need to consider using both wool nappy covers and PUL nappy covers for their individual properties. In that way, both mother and baby are happy, comfortable and contented, and that has to be a good thing!

Washable environmentally friendly cloth nappies, nappy covers, liners and cloth nappy accessories. Good for your baby, good for our nature! For more information or to view our products, visit New Age Nappies to find out more about Cassandra’s Cloth Nappies.

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Reusable Nappy Covers – The Latest Trend For Tender Tots

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