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April 12, 2011

Meet Our Guest: Cloth Nappy Co.

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Let’s meet Laura, the proud owner of Cloth Nappy Co:

Hi everyone,

My name is Laura and I am a work at home mother and the proud Owner/Founder of Cloth Nappy Co.

I’m married to a French Property Manager and have a little girl, Isabelle, who is 11 months old. I spent 7 years in the south of France with my husband before moving back to Sydney in 2008.

About Cloth Nappy Co:

Cloth Nappy Co is a new business that officially started in January 2011.

I first saw how cloth nappies have been modernised during my time in France. I lived in a very small village in the mountains and the people and lifestyle there was typically provincial. Everything from the food you ate to your water usage and waste disposal was as organic as possible. Most people grew their own vegetables and salads etc and life was all geared around family and good food!

So, in my dealings with women and their babies I saw just how fantastic modern cloth nappies were. I decided that when the time came for me to have a baby, I would also use them.

After moving to Australia I was delighted to find that these modern cloth nappies were taking off here too. When I had my little girl I started trying different types and was inspired to share these wonderful nappies using an online store that sold a range of them to suit any family lifestyle.

I named the store Cloth Nappy Co as I wanted something that would be easy to remember and had relevance to the products I sell.

After stocking cloth nappies I decided to make sure it would be a great ‘one stop shop’ for all things organic for baby’s bottoms and nappy change time. In the store you will find a range of cloth nappies, organic wipes and accessories and new to the store are organic arm/leg warmers. For those who do not want to commit to cloth, we sell eco disposable and compostable nappies. These nappies do not consist of harsh chemicals and are approximately 75% biodegradable. They are also rated on their environmental impact during fabrication in the factories.

I am always researching new products so new collections are constantly being added.

Every week we have new specials on a range of products.

Our Planet Matters!

We believe in protecting our beautiful planet for future generations. Not many people know that no disposable nappy ever made has ever biodegraded. They say it will take an estimated 400 years for one nappy to break down. When you consider the millions of people in the world using hundreds of disposable nappies each year, it is a terrible waste. We need to actively do our part in preventing this terrible pollution that is impacting our earth every day. I hope to get councils involved in encouraging people to use cloth.

When you visit Cloth Nappy Co, make sure you visit our:

Cloth Nappy selection…

Eco Disposable Nappy selection…

Baby Wipes selection…

Our favourite sites:

Let’s Talk More:

Do you use cloth nappies? If so, we love to hear reviews of your experience with different cloth nappy brands. If not, what is it that prevents you using cloth nappies?

Please feel free to email us at or post on our facebook page.

– Laura

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