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May 3, 2011

Does Using a Disposable Nappy Really Save More Time Than Using a Cloth Nappy? (Kate of Nappy Days)

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Does Using a Disposable Nappy Really Save More Time Than Using a Cloth Nappy?

By Kate Meads of Nappy Days

Did you know that some disposable nappy companies suggest that just because parents using cloth nappies have to wash, dry and fold their nappies, that this may use up quality time which many parents may prefer to save for their families?

I have to say, what is really so hard about putting nappies in the washing machine and turning it on? We all wash our own underwear so what is the difference? And it is not like parents using cloth nappies stand at the line waiting for them to dry and even better, most cloth nappies today require no folding.

With small babies, we all use our washing machines daily! The hardest thing sometimes is to get into a routine – many people simply alternate clothes washes with nappy washes and some people just throw it all in together!

Also when using disposables I certainly found myself doing far more washing than I expected because they continually leaked through my newborns clothing and bedding, essentially creating more washing.

Modern reusable diapers are shaped to fit just like disposables. Sometimes the wrap is separate from the cloth nappy but most parents dress their baby in a number of items of clothing every day, so one extra item of clothing makes very little difference.

Another common complaint is ‘having to handle the poo when you use cloth’. By using flushable liners in re-usable nappies, we don’t have to deal with any of the nasty stuff, you simply just flush it away!

I am amazed at the number of parents I have spoken to, who have not read the small print on disposables where it quite clearly states that any solids should be disposed of down the toilet. It appears that most parents just wrap up the nappy, poo and all, and dispose of it into the bin to go into our landfills – just because it is a disposable nappy.

This means there could well be tonnes of untreated human waste sitting in our landfills.

With our economy the way it is and with the price of disposable nappies increasing, disposables may actually cost your family more time than you think. Consider how many extra hours a parent may need to work each week just to pay for the $50 worth of disposable nappies their baby is likely to use per week.

The amount of time one parent would have to work just to earn enough to purchase their disposable nappies would far outweigh the amount of time it would take for mum to turn on the washing machine 3-4 times a week and to hang out 4 loads of washing.

Modern cloth nappies have become easy, low cost, eco friendly alternatives to disposables and will not cost a family any more time than what their daily washing routine already does.

By Kate Meads of Nappy Days

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Does Using a Disposable Nappy Really Save More Time Than Using a Cloth Nappy?

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