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June 9, 2011

Modern Baby Cloth Nappies – Why the Confusion When Researching Your Nappy Options? (Kate of NappyDays)

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Modern Baby Cloth Nappies – Why the Confusion When Researching Your Nappy Options?

By Kate Meads of Nappy Days

Many parents can become quite confused researching cloth nappies because of the incredible amount of different information that is available on so many websites. As new parents we tend to do increasing amounts of research on the internet where we come across many products that we never even knew existed for a newborn baby.

Many parents researching their reusable diaper options fall into this realm of the unknown where even the most highly educated person may struggle to decide which type of cloth nappy will be best for their baby. This is essentially caused by information overload or possibly pregnancy brain.

Those of us who are familiar with cloth nappies often forget that the jargon used can be very confusing and intimidating. This can cause people to think that it is all too hard so they decide to stick with disposables. It pays to remember that using cloth nappies is not harder than disposables, as some would lead you to believe, they are just different. We have been so educated through advertising media about the ease and convenience of disposables that the world has passed by the fact that cloth diapers have evolved greatly and today they are easy, convenient and comfortable for your baby. There are huge benefits to using washable nappies – baby’s comfort, the environment and your pocket!

All many parents need is the basic information about how these modern options work. Then the hardest part is actually deciding on a brand.

Gone are the days of sticking pins into nappies, soaking and folding. Unlike when our parents only had the old flat nappies, modern parents now have a huge selection of cloth nappies to choose from.

Today most cloth nappies are super easy to wash and care for and they are not dissimilar in shape or performance to modern day disposable nappies, in fact some of the modern styles will even out perform them. They generally feature an hourglass shape when folded out and are easy to put on. These nappies have extra layers of fabric sewn or inserted into the areas where more absorbency is needed, whilst remaining trim around the hips and thighs where less absorbency is needed.

Using modern nappies is actually very easy, you simply lay the baby down, pop the nappy under their bottom, pull the nappy through the legs and fasten at the front. Most modern systems use a similar fastening system to disposables using a type of Velcro / Aplix or a popper / dome. In my experience, most dads and grandmas prefer Velcro / Aplix because sometimes poppers or domes can be quite fiddly for them.

Modern Nappy Basics: liner + nappy + cover

With most washable systems there are 3 working parts.

In some cases (pocket nappies and All In Ones) some of these components are joined together but essentially all systems have the three components below included in some way or other.

Outlined below are the three key elements which, when combined, make up most washable nappy systems.

The Liner – This will protect the nappy from stains and makes poo management a whole lot easier. if you opt for reusable fleece liners, these will act as a stay dry layer next to baby’s skin. If you opt for a flushable liner, this makes the removal of any solids simple.

The Nappy – This provides the absorbent part of the system. It may be a single insert or could be several layers of fabrics sewn together.

The Waterproof Wrap – This may be attached to the liner or could be entirely separate. This provides the waterproof part of the system keeping any wetness in and baby’s clothes dry.

My advice to parents who are just starting out and are researching their options, sometimes a phone call can be far more beneficial than an email. I suggest this purely because in general, the person you are likely to be dealing with has used them and because of their knowledge, they should be able to give you more personalised advice in regards to what may be your best option. This can save a lot of time, money and research hours from the very beginning.

By Kate Meads of Nappy Days

– Modern cloth nappy experts, provide parents with a highly informative website and expert advice for parents considering cloth nappies. Kate and her team of experienced staff support their NappyDays clients throughout the entire time their babies are in cloth nappies, by providing friendly advice and only the highest quality products.

Nappy Days has fast become one of the preferred suppliers of baby cloth nappies & accessories by ensuring their clients enjoy their nappy days as much as possible. Contact the team at Nappy Days for personalised nappy advice today.

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Modern Baby Cloth Nappies – Why the Confusion When Researching Your Diaper Options?

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