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June 30, 2011

Top Tips for Surviving Toddler Tantrums!

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Top Tips for Surviving Toddler Tantrums!

What is your best advice for avoiding or minimising a toddler tantrum?

When I had a wee babe in arms I remember being scared of the impending ‘Toddler Tantrums’ stage. I even asked about solutions and strategies for managing tantrums on the ABA parenting forum! Great advice to be found in the responses. This post is to collect other tips and share them.

Do tell us your own advice for avoiding and minimising toddler tantrums in the comment section below.

Emma from Wrap ‘Em (closed) recommends:

Cuddles. Often popping my toddler up on my back will avoid most issues as he is up where he can see everything without being able to touch 🙂

Denise from Mama Moo recommends:

Loving but firm. Bub is never too young to be “exposed” to alternatives to tantrums. Set a good example as an adult for the little ones, encourage non-tantrum behaviour. Be firm and quick about “tantrumy” behaviour.

Charndra from Part Time Nappy Free recommends:

I got some Tantrum 911, a sweet blend of essential oils that will ‘short circuit’ a tanty, I am having some success and some flops with it though. Baby wearing has always been a great way of diffusing negative energy and helping bubbles to feel calm and connected, food is a great help of course, cuddles are always a winner, distraction and change and even looking at diet can be a strategy, avoiding certain nasty additives can turn down the incidence of tantrumming in kids. Fed Up is the place to find info about this, things such as Preservative 282 in some bread products, Natural or added MSG in spreads, and all manner of other psycho colours and additives, of which the amounts are ever increasing in bought foods! The book is helpful, and this free ebook has fab recipes that are ‘Failsafe’, or free from all manner of nasties.

Kyra from Bubbalooba recommends:

Distractions! I find a lot of our toddler tantrums happen while we are out shopping – the Westfield shopping centres usually have balloons at the Concierge Desk, so I remind my toddler that he can have a balloon (usually halfway between errands). Otherwise, I try to have a distraction of some sort in my handbag…little toys are great (especially if they can attach to the pram/trolley!), and even iPhone toddler apps can be useful!

Jodee from BabyBaby recommends:

‘Perfect for the ‘witching hour’ – BabyBaby Organic Calming Body Wash

My toddlers always fell apart between the 4-5 pm period when you are trying to do ten things at once, get dinner organized, feed the baby etc.

My key to a calm, tantrum free evening is to put the kids in the bath at that time when they are starting to get whiney and you are at the end of your tether.  For kids who love water this will calm them down immediately, even better add some Award winning Babybaby Organic Calming Body Wash.  Both you and your child(ren) will enjoy the aroma of our baby safe organic essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile combined with organic herbs and plant extracts which gently cleanse the skin and soothe both child and mama.  This gorgeous body wash is perfectly safe for even the most sensitive, delicate skin.  You can relax knowing this product is free from harmful chemicals and is made from all natural, organic and certified organic ingredients.

I have also been known to feed fussy eaters while in the bath too – they are having so much fun in the water that they are not taking notice of what you are putting in their mouth!

Kirsten from Mums Little Outlet recommends:

Pre-warn your child of any change in activity if possible . For example, before you pack up the toys or get up to leave a location, give your child a 3- to 5-minute warning. Say things like “We need to go home in 5 minutes. It is almost time to say ‘Goodbye.’ We need to start packing up in 2 minutes. After we pack up we will have a quick snack.”

Laura from Cloth Nappy Co recommends:

Teach your baby that when you say no, you mean it. That way they don’t discover that throwing a tantrum gets them what they want. It’s not a quick-fix, but it’s a positive long-term one!

Nyree from Kodomo recommends:

Time to ‘fess up then, when we’re out I always make sure I’ve got a healthy snack (yep, a bribe) that takes a little while to eat, like sultanas. At home, I just let tantrums take their natural course!

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Our Comment Question is about Toddler Tanties:

What are your own tried and tested tips for avoiding and minimising toddler tantrums? Or a doozy to tell us about?

– Charndra
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  1. My son would mostly have tantrums if he was over tired or had low blood sugar, so keeping him well fed and rested was key. It will be interesting to see if the same applies to my daughter.

    Comment by Alex Grove — August 1, 2011 @ 3:58 pm

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