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July 7, 2011

More Modern Cloth Nappy Sites: Our Planet Matters to You – How?

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Our Planet Matters to people in different ways. We each do our own little things to make a difference.

Let’s focus in on what our guests say matters to them the most about the environment at the moment. What matters to our guests who have modern cloth nappy sites? Below are excepts from one of the questions answered by many of our guests. I thought I’d compile them into a series as they are thoughtful and interesting. The link will take you to their site or shop, the logo to their full guest post.

Our Planet Matters! Tell us your perspective on the environment – any aspect! What concerns you the most?


Nyree of Kodomo says:

I take a long time to do the grocery shopping because I read EVERY label before I’ll buy a product. We all know about conserving water and energy and reducing pollution in our environment but there seems to be little awareness of the chemicals polluting our food and consumable household products. I’m particularly wary of products containing sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens. Years of watching kids eat school lunches also leads me to believe the case to link food and behaviour is very strong.


Yoland of Bumbino says:

I am increasingly conscious about the amount of waste we produce and the need to consider the use of more sustainable products and habits. I favour products that are not waste laden and are sustainable in their production and disposal. Cloth nappies fit that description and are the obvious choice for green babies!

Mel of Little Para Pants says:

What bugs me most is the culture we live in, where we told we can’t live without things that we really don’t need! For instance, when preparing for a new baby, most people assume you need a cot, a pram, and a mountain of bottles. Yet for thousands of years before these items were invented, parents and babies got by just fine – in fact thrived – by cosleeping, babywearing, and breastfeeding.

Twinkle Lily

Katerina of Twinkle Lily says:

Twinkle Lily aims to provide products that are re-usable, so there will be lots of future developments with new reusable products added. We believe there is already way too much rubbish that cannot biodegrade, added to the fact contaminated/soiled items are seeping through our soil systems. We want to minimise our landfill and make our environments less polluted.

Kirsten of Mums’ Little Outlet says:

I worry that we have become such a disposable society, both in terms of the message that this sends to our children and the effect that this has on our environment. Just simple changes like using reusable cloth nappies and washable nursing pads can make a huge difference. They also save money and just happen to be super cute as well.

Amanda of Mamma’s Lil Jellybean says:

I am just trying to be more conscious of what we use in the house and how I we can cut down our wastage. Cloth nappies are of course a great way to reduce landfill. But I am also interested in making my own cleaning products and using more natural methods to do everyday stuff; like vinegar as a fabric softener or using lemon as an air freshener/cleaner. I am still learning ~ but that is what it is all about! One thing I know is that the environmentally friendly way is usually the most cost effective!

Annette, of iish fly says:

I have always been environmentally motivated, so using cloth nappies was never a decision we had to make, it was simply a away of life. Every day we make decisions in our business based on environmental choices. Buying items that require less transportation, using recyclable plastics and cardboards in our packaging. our decisions are always based on “reduce reuse and recycle”. If our business model does not fit into those concepts we move to find a solution that does. Supporting the environment really not that hard to do.

And our comment question is the same:

Tell us your perspective on the environment – any aspect! What concerns you the most?

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