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August 25, 2011

Behind The Scenes… What Is a Typical Day Like When Running a Cloth Nappy Shop?

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Behind the scenes… What is a typical day like for you in the running of your cloth nappy shop?

Cloth Nappy Shops are run by busy mums, by and large. How do they manage it? I have no idea! Their responses will give you an insight into the balancing act of the WAHM.

Our Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

Behind the scenes… What is a typical day like for you in the running of your cloth nappy shop?

Marnie from Noonee Wilga:

I love getting up early, just before sunrise. I watch the sky brighten outside my window while I check email and reply to queries that have come in over night. It seems that many cloth nappy users are major night owls (unlike me!!).

After breakfast and getting my home educated children busy with something, I get to work on the sewing machine. I often use a treadle operated 50+ year old sewing machine in a pink cabinet. My sewing fits in around my children’s activities and other community activities that I am involved in, including doing bushcare, being a Girl Guide leader and playing trumpet in a concert and marching band.

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

– Depends on what I need to do. Some days are sewing days, other days are fabric cutting days, still other days are ordering days.

– New orders are dealt with as soon as possible to get fluffy mail out to clients quickly.

– If new stock arrives I will set aside time to unpack, count stocks and restock the shop.

– Juggling with my two little ones is a daily challenge. But with the shop, I am growing in confidence levels, and gives me a creative outlet in something I’m passionate about.

Michelle from Cloth ‘n’ Craft:

Check email to see what orders have come in. Check for payment, register payments that have been received. Print out invoices and labels. Package up orders twice a week ready for the shipping days. Go to the post office twice a week.

Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies:

I work from home, with our spare room set up as my sewing room (or storage room, depending on the day :p). I start the day by getting my son dressed and fed, then check for orders and questions before I head to the sewing room.

I tend to sew my nappies in a production line of sorts, so i’ll trace and cut all the pieces I need in the morning, and try and get the snaps done (around a 17 month old who likes to steal my snap press and screwdriver), then after a break I get the inners and outers assembled, and then after lunch I can finish the nappies off and get any extra bits done like nursing pads or wetbags to go with an order.

My day is broken up to fit around meals and lots of cuddles with my son, and I use his nap time to either get the fiddly bits done without his help, or to catch up on the emails and paperwork.

Louise from Nip Naps:

Phew! It’s usually hectic! I get up very early and first thing is process and pack the orders for the day. Then I answer any e-mail enquiries and then if I have time before everyone else gets up I look after background things like book-keeping, re-stocking, facebook, competitions, webpages etc. There is always plenty to do.

Later in the day my little guy and I take the parcels up to the post office and if we have time we drop in for morning tea at the coffee shop next door. We are friendly with the PO people and the coffee shop people and this is always a highlight of the day. Of course, people may ring with enquiries anytime so sometimes I spend a good deal of time talking to people and taking phone orders.

I love what I do and the flexible lifestyle of working from home – even if that does mean I have to work early and/or late so that I can run my business and spend my days with the kids.

Tamara from Baby Mumma:

My day is quite busy, much more busy that when I first started out. The things I like to get out of the way first thing in the morning is payments, post and emails, 3 of the most crucial parts of my day. After these are done my days do vary, from stocktake, website maintenance and research for new products.

Misty from Fluffybuns:

Busy busy busy, uploading stock, receiving mail, it’s awesome!

Laura from the Cloth Nappy Co:

Every day starts with first making sure my bubby is playing happily while I check for overnight orders! I then check my google analytics to see how many hits my site received versus how many orders I received. I then do some research on what other cloth nappy stores are promoting and what is on sale to make sure I am offering a competitive deal for my customers.

Then I put together orders from my stock and order replacements. I know how nice it is to receive parcels in the post (especially new cloth nappies!) so I make sure all orders are nicely wrapped and presented. Once orders are posted I dedicate the rest of my afternoon to updating my facebook page and sending out promotions/sale information through facebook and twitter and working on my website.

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