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August 4, 2011

Toddler Play – Recommend a popular game or toy for a toddler…

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Creative Kids At Home - Gifts for KidsToddlers at Play – Need Fresh Ideas?

I ALWAYS need new ideas, fresh ideas, and to be reminded of great toddler play ideas I have forgotten.

Toddler Play – Recommend a popular game or toy for a toddler…

Emma from Wrap ‘Em (closed) recommends:

My little ones LOVE to dance. The Putumayo ‘playground’ series of CDs are awesome, my 3.5 year old daughter has a CD player and a small collection in her room, she puts them on at her inclination and will dance for ages 🙂

Denise from Mama Moo recommends:

Cooking (pretend and real). Never too young for the little one to start exploring (under supervision) texture, taste, mixing, transformation, seeing cakes rise in the oven, seeing pizza dough double in size, making patterns with food placement, etc

Kyra from Bubbalooba recommends:

My toddler just LOVES cars! We often sit at the front window and point out all the cars going past (which can be a great start to learning about colours too!). He has a lot of matchbox toy cars that are great for independent play, and sometimes he will let me play with them too – we can pretend to “race” them, we can play with them in the sandpit, the possibilities are endless!

Kirsten from Mums Little Outlet recommends:

The Hokey Pokey! Little kids love the music and the movement and better still they love watching Mummy and Daddy look silly doing it.

Charndra from Part Time Nappy Free recommends:

My son loves Zoobs. It was the first time he’d played with something for 20 minutes in a row in his life, playing with a demo set in the shop. I bought them for his 3rd birthday before we walked out of there! He still plays with them at 6, and so does his Dad. Heaps of ideas at Creative Kids at Home (I recommend joining the newsletter list)

Kendall from Australian Baby Supplies recommends:

My son loves dressing up in his superhero cape. This encourages imaginative play as he runs around the house.

Nyree from Kodomo recommends:

Our one year old loves his little plastic lawn mover, he spends ages tearing across the back yard with it, mowing the lawn like his Dad does.

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Our Comment Question is about Toddler Play:

Share with us a favourite toddler play idea from your family…
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