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August 2, 2012

Why Combine Modern Cloth Nappies With Elimination Communication? 7 Great Reasons

When practicing Elimination Communication, nappies are no longer an essential you can’t survive without – instead, you can simply use those nappies as knickers … knickers with padding.

Baby Jett, 1 week old

The Question is “Why Combine Modern Cloth Diapers With Elimination Communication?”

Here are 7 reasons why doing Elimination Communication with Australian Cloth Nappies is GREAT:

  1. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you manage the ‘elimination COMFORT’ of tiny newborn babies – helping them by holding them in position  to get out those messy newborn poops and gasses that can be so uncomfortable and frightening for them – and keeping a nappy clear of one more poo.
  2. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you to preserve your nappy stash for looks and for eventual (and perhaps sooner) re-sale.
  3. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you to reduce your washing load. (Studies have shown using cloth daily takes less than 5 minutes more than disposables – you’ll be miles ahead very soon)
  4. Practicing Elimination Communication gives you the gift of ancient knowledge in caring for and connecting with your baby.
  5. Practicing Elimination Communication helps you to gain strategies for, and confidence in a gentle transition from nappies to knickers.
  6. Practicing Elimination Communication even occasionally supports your baby’s body awareness, making “conventional toilet training” easier (for both you and baby), and probably earlier.
  7. Even ONE less nappy used per day will add up over time – to over 900+ less nappies to manage in 2.5 years.

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The Most Environmentally Friendly Nappy
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