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January 24, 2013

Meet Our Guest: Pepper Place – Modern Cloth Nappies and more!

Let’s Meet Kelly from Pepper Place:

Hi! My name is Kelly and I live in Tasmania (currently…..we move quite a bit!). I have a husband and five kids between 8 and 3. That’s their ages, not the only time in the day that I have them-so life is busy, but that’s just the way I like it. Something about me? I’m always experimenting with things. I always need a challenge, either in my hobbies (sewing, crochet, gardening, cooking) to our lifestyle (like living off-grid recently for 18 months, then travelling in a tent for nine months). The current (and long-term ongoing) project is increasing the amount of food we produce ourselves-recently adding meat, an interesting learning curve for former vegetarians.

About Pepper Place…

– My specialty is one-size nappies. I had my kids close, and had three kids in full-time nappies for a long time. I noticed there really wasn’t much difference in nappy sizes, and they all seemed to fit for much longer than the size recommendations, so after making sized fitteds to sell for a year or so I decided one-size was the way to go. Lots of others seem to share my view!
I give discounts for people with a Carers Card. Kids with special needs usually need to spend longer in nappies-my son with special needs was in day nappies until 3 and continues to wear a night nappy at 6. When you need so much more every saving counts.
– I’ve recently started selling tie-dyed kids clothes after turning my kids into rainbows for the past four years-although there’s not many pictures up yet, they’ll keep coming as I love doing it.

Our Planet Matters!

Oh dear, I’m a rampant greenie, where do I start?! If I had to pick just one thing to stop, it would be our silly, greedy use of resources. We’re gobbling up all of our non-renewable resources at a truly mind-boggling rate, mostly on silly things that we don’t need that don’t improve our quality of life -and very few people are planning for what we’re all going to do when it starts to run out.

When you visit Pepper Place, make sure you have a look at:

1. My tutorials, I love encouraging DIY-so much so that i’m releasing my patterns for home and licensed use in early 2013.
2. My product information – everything explained.

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. Eden Seeds – as a keen gardener this is my favourite site to make orders from.
2. Milkwood Permaculture – I love what these guys do! From rocket stoves to inground aquaponics, there’s always something to get me thinking.
3. Auslan Signbank – with a partially deaf child Auslan was our natural choice for our home education second language…….and it’s so much fun!

A question from Kelly:

One-sized nappies or multi-sized nappies-what’s your preference and why?

Meet Our Guests...Meet Our Guests
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