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February 4, 2011

All in One Nappy: Three (3) Benefits of AIO Nappies

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All in One Nappy: Three (3) Benefits of AIO Nappies

All in One Nappies are a type, or style, of reusable modern cloth nappy. They are popular and often the first type introduced to you when you first discover these modern variations of the old terry towelling nappies held in place with pins. This is old technology, though people still use them to save maximum money, though with a waterproof cover and a nappy snappy rather than sweaty plastic pilchers.

Let’s look at Three (3) Benefits of Using the All-in-One Nappy (also called an AIO or AI1)

1. All in One Nappies: Used Just Like a Disposable

On, off. Velcro or touch ta[e fastenings give great grip and hold tightly. Handy ‘laundry tabs’ mean they are less likely to snag other items in teh wash, or a great tip is to use a washing bag. Escape artists (usually those nimble-fingered older toddlers) can wear all in ones with snaps – plastic studs that they will NOT be able to pull off! Even if you prefer the faster drying pocket nappy or the flexible fitted and cover, having some AIO’s means that when you are in a rush, or Granny is caring for baby, or you haven’t had time to stuff your pockets, or baby is grizzly and a wriggling, crying grump, you can bang that nappy on in a few seconds! Flexibility while saving!

2. An AI1 Nappy: Plentiful On the Cloth Nappy Market

There are heaps of nappy shops in Australia and New Zealand that offer all in one nappies for you to purchase. From ready-made, commercial brands to the fully customised and personalised cloth nappy, you are sure to find an easy to use AIO perfect for your baby.

3. The AIO Nappy: Wash and Wear Again!

Your AIO nappy is chucked in a bucket without water, but with a fitted lid, until washing day. In they go, with a cold rinse to take the main gunk away, then a small amount of detergent (like a 1/3 of a regular amount) and wash in max of warm water. Avoid regular hot washed as that can damage the waterproofing PUL linings! After the spin cycle is finished, do another spin cycle – AIO’s take the longest to dry as they are sewn together – you can’t separate the parts for faster drying as you can with other nappy styles. This extra spin cycle can get out 25% more water, speeding up drying time, as can adding a dry towel to the warm dryer cycle as well.

So, there you have it. If you want a reusable cloth nappy that is as easy to put on and take of as a disposable nappy, but that is washable and reusable in order to save you lots of money, look into the many cloth nappy shops in Australia who offer All in One Nappies for you to check out. The range of colours, prints, fabrics and materials and even fastenings is extensive, you can easily get a very unique and personalised nappy for your baby. Even if it is the only one they wear, it will save you money.

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