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January 19, 2011

Bulk Buying Reusable Nappies – 3 Top Saving Tips for Buying The Modern Cloth Nappy (+1)

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Buying reusable nappies in bulk means you can access savings offered with larger purchases, reduce packaging and get an awesome fluffy mail experience!

Buying in bulk is particularly effective at a retailer of commercially produced brands as they will certainly have access to the volume of nappies needed in-stock and ready to be sent straight out, or with a short delay in delivery only. WAHM nappies may have a waiting list if they are in high demand. All nappies may come in bulk packs of one sort or bulk packages with a variety of nappies. You may even be able to negotiate inclusion of some accessories such as cloth wipes and wetbags. Some retailers also offer “Birth to Potty” package deals where, in buying all you will need up-front, you can make substantial savings.

Check out these 3 simple methods to help you save money when purchasing your reusable nappy stash in bulk:

1. Join Retailer Announcement Lists to Save on Bulk Buy Nappies:

Many reusable nappy retailers have a regular newsletter than comes out perhaps monthly, where they announce specials, discounts on bulk purchases, general savings and special offers for members of the list only. It is free and easy to join these lists, and some even have regular giveaways simply for being on the list!

2. Save by Following the Social Networks of Your Favourite Nappy Shops:

Fan pages offer up-to-the-minute interactivity. Some retailers offer spot sales on nappies, that are only offered online to fans, so you need to be keeping your eyes open! You can access great discount offers on packages, bulk purchases, buying odd nappies at a discount, saving on clearance nappies and even online garage sales!

3. Save by ASKING for a discount for a bulk purchase from the Nappy Retailer:

You know what you want? Ask the retailer for a special bulk purchase price. Say you are ready to order 15 AIO (All in One) nappies, or a bundle with a few different styles, what deal can they offer? The worst thing is they can say is no. But you might get a discount!

What’s the +1? Look into Layby…

Retailers of the modern cloth nappy are beginning to offer a layby option more and more. You make your bulk selection, pay a portion upfront, then divide the remainder of your bill over the next 6 months. This option is certainly a great way to even out your costs – like buying disposables each week, except at the end of your regular payments you will own a set of washable, reusable nappies that you would have used many times. You also have the option of re-selling them in the future to recoup some of your investment – not something possible with the single-use disposables…

So, with these 3 tips to saving on your bulk reusable nappy purchases, I’m sure you’ll have some ideas to save you some more money! Good luck, and know you are saving money every time your baby wears a reusable nappy anyway – one less disposable you have had to buy…

By Charndra Josling

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