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February 6, 2011

*Buying Aussie WAHM Cloth Nappies? 5 Aspects to Consider When Shopping For the Best Modern Nappy.

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Buying Aussie WAHM Cloth Nappies?
Here are 5 Aspects to Consider When Shopping For the Best Modern Nappy in Australia.

One of the most common questions you will see asked by mothers new to reusable nappies in modern cloth forums is variations of “Help! Where do I start?“, “What do I get first?“, “What style of nappy should I buy?” and “How many cloth nappies do I need?

In this article we’ll cover a few interesting points to help you when looking at the many options of MCN available in Australia – Did you know there are over 350 Aussie and NZ nappy shops? Goodness! But, do not worry, this means you have that many places to scour for great bargains and find exactly what you and your baby need.

Let’s look at 5 Aspects of Cloth Nappies to consider when you are shopping:

1. Aussie Nappies: Buy 2nd Hand to Save!

Buying your cloth nappies secondhand is a great way to save a bunch of money while you try out brands and styles to suiy your baby and budget. You see, what works for one baby may not for the next if one baby has chunky thighs and is a heavy wetter and the next is a slender baby and light wetter. A busy re-selling market allows you to grab excellent bargains online through trading sites.

2. Aussie Nappies: Fumbling with Fastenings

Cloth nappies are fastened with usually velcro and touch tape or ‘snaps’ or ‘poppers’, little resin plastic fasteners that make a very satisfying click sound when you do them up! Velcro is great to get started, as it is similar to the fastenings used on disposable nappies, yet snaps will probably last longer, if you plan to use the nappy over several children.

3. Aussie Nappies: Fun with Fabrics

The vast array of beautiful, soft, luscious or simply gorgeous fabrics use in modern cloth nappies is, I would say, one of the prime reasons they are so popular – as a mum, you can exercise the fashionista within! Best of all, your baby will need to wear several reusable nappies each day, so you’ll discover why shopping for ‘bum clothing’ is such an addictive hobby!

4. Aussie Nappies: Know Your Style

There are a range of styles – pocket nappies which are a waterproof shell that you ‘stuff’ some absorbency into – either very absorbent and natural bamboo or hemp boosters or inserts, or the good old flannel or terry towelling nappy if you wish to save any more. Indian cotton prefolds and trifolds are a popular and very absorbent insert to put inside such a nappy. All in ones are the most similar to the disposable, simply put on, take off and wash, and the fitted nappy is the nicely shaped version of the old fashioned nappy put inside a waterproof cover, wrap or shell. These are just three styles – there are more!

5. Aussie Nappies: One Size or Each Size?

All sorts of nappy will come in two forms – the ‘One Size Fits Most or All‘ and the ‘Sized Nappy‘, which comes in small, medium and large, sometimes also a newborn or preemie size and an extra large, and even adult sizes can be custom made.

With these 5 aspects milling around in your mind, you will have a better appreciation for what you want, what will suit your budget, baby and washing style when considering the WAHM Cloth Nappies available in the Aussie market. It’s fun to go shopping for cute, specialised clothes for your baby’s bottom. You know they will be worn many many times, far more than that cute expensive outfit given by granny. (Though I hope you took a photo of them in it!)

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