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May 3, 2010

Congo Questions # 3: “Nappy Styles: What Does this Mean?”

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Congo Questions – Our Nappy Experts share their collective wisdom!

Congo Questions # 3: “Nappy Styles: What Does this Mean?”

Thank you for your interest in contributing to these fascinating and wonderful resources for mums interested in cloth nappies! These articles generate great content for the visitors and members of My Green Nappy, and yummy spider food. All articles you contribute to will sport 2 links back to your site, and best of all, are a platform for you to share your wisdom with our members and readers. After some I have a brief remark about the motivation of the question for me – always at a simple level, geared towards those new to cloth nappies. If in doubt, ONE tip, suggestion or strategy is the way to go! The article titles are not finalised; just an indication for now. I will ensure they relate to the question or topic.

It is always a FREE opportunity for Nappy Doula’s to be featured on My Green Nappy, all you have to do is contribute, either one line, or a short paragraph, depending on your time pressures right now. Simply respond as you wish, email to me with your shop name and url clearly visible for me and your first name of course.

I am doing a series of posts about nappy styles. This series will have the style of the nappy followed by ‘What does this mean?”  – to explain the style briefly, as well as in a few ways. People best understand a new concept when it is explained in several ways – it fills in any gaps in the mental ‘picture’ of a concept. I am compiling these as a congo question – I think they are great fun.

One question, a variety of respondents.

We want to help people feel like they have a ‘bead’ on what each style is in a few words – it then makes it easier for them to explain them to others as well. Google likes them  – lots of keywords, yummy spider food.  For you, contributing is an easy way to gain more brand recognition for your shop, as it will be a series of articles, each with a couple of links back to your site.

By replying to this one email, you will be featured in up to 8 articles over time on My Green Nappy, an effective use of your time! For me, it is the same. One email, 8 articles scheduled. Valuable resources for visitors, which I can also link to from My Green Nappy Guide.

OK, as usual, simple to be involved! After any or all of the 8 nappy style terms below, explain it briefly to a mum who is new to considering cloth (and perhaps a bit overwhelmed by the esotericjargon.) Feel free to copy and paste off your site, or ‘talk’ directly to a mum you have met, your sister, or me.

A variety is good, so is the inevitable repetition – don’t worry about that. Being perceived as an expert is what you want, so take a deep breath and share your expertise! One sentence, or a few, analogies or definitions, simplicity or details – whatever you have time for is great – the range will reflect the readers – some will read every word, others will skim. Skip those you don’t offer.

Series: Nappy Styles: What does this mean?



URL:  http://www.

Pocket Nappies: What does this mean?

All in One Nappies: What does this mean?

All in Two Nappies: What does this mean?

Fitted or Shaped nappies: What does this mean?

Cover or Wrap: What does this mean?

Night Nappies: What does this mean?

‘Starter Packs’ or ‘Trial Packs’ of cloth nappies: What does this mean?

Custom Made Nappies: What does this mean?

– Charndra

P.S I’ll do these 8 and see how they go, and do a mini trend gallery as well, though I’ll email about that later. There will also be a question at the end for visitors to reply to – gives a focus for a response. Doesn’t stop the spammers though – god they are funny to read, then bin!

– Our Nappy Experts –

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