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May 29, 2010

Cheeky Cherubs Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

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Jacquie’s page is great – she talks about her own introduction to mcn and reveals how it was a bit of a learning curve involving experimentation, determination and doubts! I think it makes exploring a transition to cloth accessible with her personal story, and several photos let entrants get to know her, building trust and familiarity – I love to know whose site I am visiting! Below is a transcript of the whole page and to the left here you can see a screen shot, including the URL, which shows that when a visitor clicks on her ‘sponsor’ badge, they go to this page first too. Great job, Jacquie!

Visit Cheeky Cherubs…

Welcome to Cheeky Cherubs

& the Green Promise Nappy Giveaway!

Firstly, welcome to Cheeky Cherubs – If this is your first time visiting I’m glad you have made it here and if you have visited us before then a big THANK YOU for visiting us again!

My name is Jacquie Shanks. My husband and I have two wonderful young children, Bonnie & Jake, and we are based in Gisborne.

Although it was July 2009 that Cheeky Cherubs was officially launched, I guess you could say the story of Cheeky Cherubs actually began when I was pregnant with my first child, Bonnie, over 3 years ago…

I was determined that I would be using cloth nappies on my baby and had stocked up on a variety of Modern Cloth Nappies while I was pregnant. Friends had bought me disposable nappies as baby shower gifts although I was sure I wouldn’t need to use them! When Bonnie was born I gratefully used the disposables and started trialling the cloth nappies I had collected. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well each time I tried and I resorted back to disposables!

I became pregnant with Jake when Bonnie was 15 months old and I dreaded having to buy bulk disposables for both her and the new baby! The hunt for an exceptional Modern Cloth Nappy began again… Being skeptical (although hopeful) I purchased a Pop In Original Nappy with the Dri Night Booster to try as I really liked that it was made from natural fibres and especially liked the look of the double elasticated leg gusset. I figured if it would last through the night without a leak it would be a winner!

After a week of trialling it through the night without leaks I was sold. I purchased a bunch more of them and made the switch to full-time cloth nappying! It was such a wonderful feeling knowing that we no longer had the ongoing expense of buying nappies and another major thing that we had noticed was our rubbish went from being 2 stickers per week (1 sticker for every 5kgs), to only 1 sticker EVERY SECOND WEEK!

I really wish I’d found these nappies right from the start with Bonnie now! And, of course, I have since found many other great Modern Cloth Nappies to add to our store. Real Nappies were great, especially for Jake as a new born, and we also have recently added Gro Baby & Itti Bitti Nappies after some great reviews and requests from customers.

So, it was literally my absolute enthusiasm for the Pop In Nappies, coupled with how difficult it was to find great nappies in an area like Gisborne, that Cheeky Cherubs was born. We now post parcels to any corner of the country at a flat rate of $5 and offer free delivery within Gisborne. My home is open to anyone locally who wants to see the products before making purchases and I will gladly bring samples of our products to your Coffee Group, Antenatal or Parenting Class, or even just to your house for a one-on-one look.

We are proud to be sponsoring a Green Promise Nappy in a new environmently initiative presented by My Green

Running during Winter 2010 from June 1 to July 15, The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is an online contest in which you can win a Modern Cloth Nappy for your own Cheeky Cherub to wear! These nappies are donated to go out into the community and act as ambassadors for ‘nappy change’ as they dispell myths about modern nappies…

What a better way to try one out than to win one?!

Our Green Promise Nappy is a Pistachio Pop In Dream Dri Nappy valued at $39.

To enter, first make sure you have registered here, and then answer this question:

Check back here on June 1st for the question!

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