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June 9, 2010

Sweet Bubba Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

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Amanda’s page has a great big picture of the nappy she made for the first round of the giveaway. She’s clarified what mcn are, why visitors would benefit from using them, and counters a few of the common myths before asking her question. Feedback from entrants reveals they enjoy discovering something about the mum running the shop and about her products. LOVE that nappy, Amanda!

Visit Sweet Bubba…

My Green Nappy’s Winter 2010 Gree Promise Nappy Initiative

At Sweet Bubba we are super proud to be a sponsor of My Green Nappy’s Winter 2010 Green Promise Nappy Initiative

At Sweet Bubba Eco Store we strive to be the leader in the organic and eco store market providing a large range of eco friendly, organic and chemical free products including MODERN CLOTH NAPPIES at affordable prices.

What are modern cloth nappies?

Long gone are the days of folding and washing terry squares. Modern cloth nappies (or MCNs) are the new and improved cloth nappy that is goes on like a disposable. They are made from fabric such as cotton, bambo, hemp, microfibre, suede cloth, microfleece etc and all-in-ones have a waterproof lining either from PUL or polar fleece so no cover is needed. The options for the outers are endless including cotton, poly, minky, fleece, flanelette or a combination of these fabrics.

Why should you choose modern cloth nappies.

Modern cloth nappies are made from beautiful materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp so are low on irritants against baby’s skin. Many disposable nappies have chlorine in them to give them the nice white look and this can be absorbed through baby’s skin. Modern cloth nappies (for us) are just absorbant as disposable nappies, though they do tend to be bulkier.

Modern cloth nappies are also much cheaper in the long run. If you were to purchase 24 fitted nappies and 6 covers this would cost you approximately $650 – $700 for your complete nappy kit, though if you want some with same fancy designs or bling you are probably looking around $900. This pales in comparison to over $2 500 that it will cost to use disposable for a child from birth to toilet trainer. There is also a very active market for second hand cloth nappies so you can save on costs there or you can sell yours later on making the cost for cloth cheap as.

Don’t forget the environmental impact using disposable nappies has.

And don’t forget a cloth butt is soooo very cute.

Some myths about modern cloth nappies.

They are hard to use…. Modern cloth nappies are as easy as disposables these days. You can get many different styles of MCNs that you are guaranteed to find one that suits you.

You have to soak….. Modern cloth nappies are “dry soaked” meaning that you rinse off any solid particles and throw in your nappy pale.

They cost alot…. yes the initial outlay can be large, but if you add together the cost of ALL the disposable nappies that you use it is much higher.

Please look around Sweet Bubba Eco Store and see the great range of products we have including Modern Cloth Nappies. If you sign up to our newsletter I will send you a sample of Rockin Green Laundry detergent (for the first 25 people who sign up), when we get them later this month. Now to answer the question for your free Sweet Tooshies “green” side snapping nappy in medium is….

How many brands of nappies do we stock at Sweet Bubba Eco Store?

Submit your answers here for you chance to win

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