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May 29, 2010

Ticklefish Tots Welcomes Giveaway Entrants/

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Cindy’s page is very informative – she breaks her information up into paragraphs for easier reading (and subtitles are always appreciated by readers!). Note that she also has some dot points to share some modern cloth tips quickly (readers like dot-point lists!), and that she invites entrants to keep in touch with her shop in the various ways at the bottom. She also has another photo of her Green Promise Nappy and shows entrants where it is from, as well as having several embedded links (which turn out to be clues at the bottom!) ¬†Below is a transcript of the whole page and to the left here you can see a screen shot. Great job, Cindy!

Visit Ticklefish Tots…

I am very proud to be a sponsor in My Green Nappy’s Winter 2010 Green Promise Nappy Initiative!

Making gorgeous cloth more affordable

As my slogan suggests, my aim is to try to make cute modern cloth nappies accessible to more people by making them more affordable. This by no means compromises the quality of my workmanship – I take great pride in my nappy making, ensuring that there are no “loose ends”, so to speak, that I have experienced on many commercial brands. And while I find nothing wrong whatsoever with being rewarded for your hard work, I am also aware that higher price tags are quite daunting to some people, especially those on a tight budget!

Justifying gorgeous cloth nappies is … easy!

I understand the thought, “if a CLOTH nappy is THAT expensive, I’m better off sticking with disposables!” In the short term, this train of thought can easily be justified, but when you consider that a cloth nappy can be used over and over and over again …. well, that’s when you can start justifying the cost of a gorgeous MCN!! And because I choose to list my nappies at a considerably lower price than many other MCN brands (both WAHM and commercial), this makes buying, owning and using cloth nappies much more accessible to those who are turned off by spending alot of money at the outset.

I was saving $80 each week on our grocery bill!

For me personally, having two kids in cloth, my initial outlay of about 18 nappies hurt the hip pocket a little bit, and meant that I was literally washing nappies every day, but after about a month, I had not only just about recouped the cost in my reduced weekly shopping bill (two sizes of disposable nappies added about $80 per week to our grocery bill!), but I noticed a 50% reduction in our weekly garbage output!! Hence I was convinced converting to cloth was a good thing!

So what makes Ticklefish Tots’ nappies different?

It wasn’t long before I had designed my own modern cloth nappy, to more suit the needs of my children that the conventional commercial nappies weren’t addressing, and now, almost two years later, my MCN designs have been revamped that many times, as new ideas, and ways to improve the absorbency, fit, drying time and different styles have evolved at my sewing table! Now, my designs consist of a shell (basically the waterproof part of the nappy) and my innovative double booster system, which snaps together and snaps into the shell. This means the nappy comes apart into three sections to greatly reduce drying time, especially handy in winter months! Not only is this design incorporated into my day time nappies (all-in-2’s) but, with a slight variation in materials, it has been easily and effectively transposed into my night nappy design as well!

Modern cloth nappies are that easy!

My Green Promise Nappy (pictured above) is a medium sized, side snapping mint green dot minky with a green caterpillar cotton front panel and lime green snaps, with a mint green microfleece inner. This nappy is the same design as those listed here. Like all of my nappies, it comes complete with my innovative double booster system. And if the thought of cleaning cloth nappies turns you off, here are a couple of points that might interest you:

  • Modern cloth nappies (including Ticklefish Tots’ nappies) do not require any soaking
  • Simply discard any solid waste into the toilet, rinse the boosters and shell of the nappy, if soiled, then place it all in an empty bucket – this is known as dry pailing
  • When your bucket is full, or after 2 or 3 days, simply put all of the nappies into the washing machine, with about a third of the detergent you would use for a normal load (no bleaches or fabric softeners) and wash on normal
  • Sunshine is a stains worst enemy, but your best friend – the fresh air is also good for your nappies as it helps eliminate odours
  • Did you know that, even if you use disposables, you are still meant to discard of any solid wastes in the toilet – in many places it is actually against the law to put human waste and fecal matter into your garbage facility?
  • And if you thought that using cloth was hard, it’s not! 99% of modern cloth nappies are just as easy and convenient to use as disposables, and they look way cuter!!

So what are you waiting for?

To qualify to be in the running to win MY Green Promise Nappy, all you need to do is answer this question:
What is the innovative feature of all of Ticklefish Tots’ AI2 (all-in-two) nappies?
(Clue: The answer can be found in one of the links on this page!)
Simply click here to answer this question and submit your entry for my Green Promise Nappy!
Don’t forget that you can always follow what’s going on in my world by joining my Facebook page, following my blog, or signing up for my newsletter.

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