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February 8, 2013

Would You Like me to Review one of Your Cloth Nappies?

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Would You Like me to Review one of Your Cloth Nappies?

My Offer to Review a OSFM/ OSFM Nappy that You Stock.

Hi Cloth Nappy Shop Owners!

As you may know, I am having a baby in the next 6-8 weeks. (Sometime in March 2013)

I realised recently this will be my only opportunity to review modern cloth nappies for real, having a site and an audience to talk to, and thought this another way to help promote your shop / brands. I’ll be combining modern cloth nappies with EC of course (I can’t do otherwise, and know many of you do the same.) Having two other children, one in school, one in kindy and doing 20+ hours of intensive AVB with him too, I’ll need to use nappies as well, LOL.

So I thought a OSFM / OSFA nappy (Day or Night) would be best. Plus they are very popular!

What will you receive in exchange for providing a cloth nappy for me to review?

Anyhoo, here is what I can offer if you’d like to have me review a nappy from your shop:

1.       I’ll do a page about the nappy from the new page I’ll make up about the reviews. These will be permanent. The internet crowd is so fickle, I don’t believe in having links up for only a short promo, they are always left up to be found again by new visitors. (The review will also go out as a post.) The page will be there as soon as I have your nappy and all the info to put it together. (ie before the review is completed!)

2.       The nappy reviews page will have a gallery of the nappies and a gallery of the shops where the nappies come from. The shop banner will go to your shop, the nappy banner will go to the review. It will have your shop and the name of the nappy on the nappy image, so it can also be found via google images.

3.       The review will have a photo/s of the nappy, your logo banners in 468*60 and 150*150 pixel size (the square allows the banner to show up on facebook), all pictures will link to your shop or facebook page (your preference). As soon as I can I will make up your ‘page’ with pics and links, and the actual review can go in later (realising ‘babymoons’ and all…) meanwhile, your links will be there…

4.       I’ll put the review link on facebook, which automatically goes onto Twitter as well. (In case that is a benefit! LOL, Twitter is a bizarre world, IMO. At least it is another link out there…)

5.       It will also be put into newsletters as a link, which goes onto facebook and twitter too.

6.       I can add my review to as well.

9.       If you like, I can run a contest along with the review; just send an extra duplicate that I won’t use apart from as a prize.

10.   Currently My Green Nappy has just over 1500 facebook fans (cracked 1500 this week!), about 2500 on my “Quick Green Nappy News” mailing list.

What will it cost?

The nappy and postage to me, no other costs. (or two nappies if you want me to give another away with your review.) You can claim the nappy costs to your promotions and advertising budget.

What do I do?

So, if you’d like me to do a review of a One-Size Nappy you stock or make, of any sort, let me know by email, and send me the name and description of the features and benefits of the nappy that I can use on your page, (whatever info you prefer such as RRP) a photo of it, a 150*150 square banner and 468*60 horizontal banner and the links for your facebook page and website.

You can send the nappy to me at:

Charndra Pile
28 Pemberton Street
Oaklands Park
South Australia

Thanks for considering!



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