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My Green Nappy encourages starting with ONE green nappy – one washable, reusable cloth nappy, to prevent a disposable nappy from going into landfill each time your baby wears it.

In an average family with 2 children, between 6 and 12 THOUSAND one-use nappies will be required. One way to significantly reduce this financial drain of this many disposable nappies is to use a washable version.

Instead of thousands of nappies each used only once, use reusable nappies thousands of times!

What is My Green Promise Nappy?  – My Green Promise Nappy is a symbol: Showing that 1 Green Nappy can make a difference…

Modern Cloth Nappies can contribute up to a 40% reduced carbon footprint.

It’s one way, and a simple way, to begin reducing your baby’s ecological footprint; to have a green baby.

Imagine 100 Green Nappies are donated to be worn by 100 babies over and over again… Each time baby wears it, one less disposable goes into landfill.

Family and friends see that baby, see that green nappy, and hear about this initiative, and say, “I want one of those for my baby to wear, too!”, causing nappy change… as they start with 1…

– You Can WIN a Green Promise Nappy for Your Baby –

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is a Giveaway Event!

During each round, visit the sponsors of each of the Green Promise Nappies and find the answer to a question they will ask you. Submit your answer and you’ll be in with a chance to WIN one of these special ambassador nappies! At the end of the competition, all correct entries will go into a random draw to win each nappy. That’s how simple it is, and it will be fun, and you’ll be introduced to many family friendly sites who support the promotion of modern cloth nappies. You know what? You do Whatever You Can – have a green nappy; use some eco-disposables, use some hybrid nappies – it all adds up – especially collectively. As we collectively strive to be living in a more green manner, My Green Nappy will help you to achieve this with your baby; as babies are such notorious waste producers!

Through the Green Promise Nappies Initiative, My Green Nappy has made a pledge to help 100 Green Promise Nappies be donated to our community.

I made a ‘Green Promise’ when I found a website by the same name online.

My Green Promise: To Facilitate the donation of 100 Green Promise Nappies to the Community.

I have a website promoting modern cloth nappies and eco-friendly disposable nappies for Australia and New Zealand.

One of the initiatives I have is “My Green Promise Nappy” by which 100 Green Modern Cloth Nappies will be donated in a simple contest to families living ‘DownUnder’ (in Australia and New Zealand).

The ‘Green Promise Nappies’ initiative is a symbol of what starting with one ‘green’ nappy can do – it can keep one throwaway, disposable nappy out of landfill each time it is worn.

See my Green Promise, read some more and perhaps make your own at Green Promise.

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