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The Green Promise Nappies Initiative

It’s a Giveaway Event!

The Green Nappy of My Green NappyModern nappies are shaped, fitted and easy to use. They are thrown in the wash, rather than landfill, and you’ll be doing your part in preserving resources for future generations as your baby wears a trendy, beautiful and soft nappy. What better way to start your stash than to WIN a cloth nappy?

About the Green Promise Nappy Giveaway:

“I’ve been enjoying answering the questions.  I have seen some sites that are new to me, and that has been great. I think all of the questions I’ve answered so far have been good; clear answers, easy to find. And I like that normally to find the answer you have to learn a little about a product or their business, which has been interesting 🙂 Thanks for organising it! Sara

Register to play below, then during each round, visit the sponsors of each of the Green Promise Nappies and find the answer to a question they will ask you. Submit your answer and you’ll be in with a chance to WIN one of these special ‘ambassador’ nappies!

At the end of the competition, all correct entries will go into a random draw to win each nappy. That’s how simple it is, it’s easy fun, and you’ll be introduced to or re-visit many family friendly sites who support the promotion of modern cloth nappies.

My Green Nappy emphasises and encourages starting with ONE green nappy – one washable, reusable cloth nappy, to prevent a disposable nappy from going into landfill each time your baby wears it.

Registering here also entitles you to enter into any other giveaway hosted on My Green Nappy!  Such as:


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