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April 4, 2010

Nappies of Cloth – Why Are They Such an Addictive Hobby For Mums? 3 Reasons for having a Cloth Nappy in your baby’s wardrobe!

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Are You Already a Modern Cloth Nappy Addict? Are You Feeling the Call of the Cloth?

What makes modern cloth nappies such an addictive hobby for Mums?

There is no doubt that mums get addicted to cloth nappies. With over 300 retailers of modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand, there is clearly a burgeoning demand for these high quality modern versions of the faithful old terry nappies. Modern Cloth Nappies are shaped, fitted and secure with snaps or velcro. They can be as fast and easy to use as a disposable, or be an extremely cheap and budget friendly way to nappy your baby and save money and the resources of Earth at the same time.

Why it is that Mums will get one ‘green’ nappy, then try out a few more nappies, then find themselves addicted, searching for bargains and ‘the best nappy’, swapping nappies with other mums, exchanging online, as they strive to reach that pinnacle: ‘Stash Nirvana’?

Let us look at three of the main reasons, and consider a challenge to you too:

1. Fashion and Fabrics

Modern cloth nappies are one way you can make a fashion statement (especially in summer, when babies wear a t-shirt and nappy most of the time). Washable nappies feel better – It is a tactile thing. When you prefer the feel of cloth when holding and carrying your baby around, you choose to buy more nappies made from cloth, it is as simple as that.

Some mums like to co-ordinate the nappy to the clothes, or just make sure their bubs have the best looking cloth nappy available. Like any other fashion item, you buy the same cloth nappy in a different colour. Babies and toddlers wear a different nappy anywhere from 5-8 times a day, so more are needed.

2. Cost, Cuteness and Comments

It is easy to justify the cost of these cloth nappies when it saves money on single-use disposables. There are so many different styles that mums want to try different kinds to find which one they like best. With all the cute prints and a wide range of colours available, from red and green nappies, orange nappies and the ever popular pink nappies are pretty for girls, and boy nappies with boyish prints are readily available now. Plus, with your baby in cloth nappies, you will get all sorts of great comments about just how cute they look!

3. Environment, Ease of Use and Eco-Karma!

Mums are soon made aware that they are doing the responsible thing using washable cloth nappies – they are easy to use, can be just as quick as a disposable, and are much more environmentally friendly. Also, when something makes you feel good, you like doing it. Using cloth nappies makes parents feel good, so they come back for more. It’s a great thing. Many mums addicted to cloth nappies have found that the cloth nappies actually work better than disposables…no more leaks on clothes, backed up by knowing you’re doing the world good by using cloth and not making landfill.

What a great reason to buy a new nappy:

– cloth nappies are a justified purchase that saves you money,

makes your baby fashionable,

and you are helping the environment;

– they tick all the boxes really…

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