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January 23, 2010

Hire Australian Modern Cloth Nappies – Visit a Nappy Library!

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Want to Hire a Cloth Nappy? Or Hire a Set of Cloth Nappies? Visit a Nappy Library!

As you are learning about cloth nappies, you’ll be wondering which sort will best suit you, your baby and your budget…

Hiring a set of modern cloth nappies to try out is another way to discover which you prefer.

Different nappies suit differently shaped babies – exploring a few brands is perhaps inevitable, and also part of the fun of switching to modern cloth nappies.

Discover how to hire, borrow or try out cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand, including small businesses who offer cloth nappy consultancy services.

  • There are several types of systems available for you to borrow, use and return cloth nappies.
  • Hiring newborn or small nappies is great for the newborn stage or premmies- when babies grow so fast!
  • Nappy hire kits are generally a local system so you can visit and see, touch and chat. You can ask as many questions as you need from mums enthusiastic about helping you make the ‘switch’.
  • Most systems for borrowing nappies attract a weekly or monthly fee.
  • Some services are free or subsidised to help disadvantaged families make needed savings during the nappy stage of having a young family, as the savings really are substantial each week.
  • Some cloth nappy businesses operate a nappy hire or rental service, so you can ‘test drive’ their product before investing in more of their brand. Often, the hire fee goes at least partly towards any purchase.
  • Other nappy hire kits are run by cloth nappy enthusiasts – Mums who have ‘Been There: Done That’ and want to help you bypass some of the learning curve they experienced. They’ll usually offer a variety of styles and accessories, perhaps sponsored by a range of retailers.
  • Nappy consultancies offer you the chance to have an individual or group get-together to look at, touch and even try nappies on your baby (with a liner) – as finding the right fit for your baby is important – and you know what? As babies change so quickly, the nappy that doesn’t fit this week may be the perfect nappy in a couple of months – it pays to keep trying out different styles.

Let’s explore the Cloth Nappy Hire and Cloth Nappy Consultancy services and resources available to you…

Modern Cloth Nappy Hiring or Consultancy Services in Australia:

  • Apikali Modern Cloth Nappy Library  – The Apikali Mixed Brand Selection Pack is designed to give those new to MCNs an opportunity to try each of the styles of cloth nappy for themselves, and also evaluate a range of nappies across a variety of prices to decide which best suits you, your baby and your budget – all before you commit to purchasing a single cloth nappy!
  • Booloo Babe – A consultancy service that provides parents with an opportunity to see and feel Modern Cloth Nappies in a supportive and relaxed environment. Based in Melbourne and Perth, Australia
  • Modern Cloth Nappies – Try Before You Buy – A service where you have a chance to trial some of Australia’s best nappies before any commitment to purchase need be made.
  • The Nappy Coach – You can ‘Hire and Try’ a range of nappies for a small fee (refundable if you go ahead and purchase your nappies.)
  • The Modern Cloth Nappy Rack – A travelling resource for looking at, touching and learning about Modern Cloth Nappies in real life. You can even host the travelling nappy rack to help your local community learn about Modern Cloth Nappies.
  • The Nappy Library – You borrow books from a library? Now you can borrow a nappy too. The Nappy Library gives you a chance to try a pack of cloth nappies to see for yourself how easy they really are. Each nappy pack you hire includes everything you need to give it a go. Based in Melbourne, Australia
  • Ecocubs Nappy Library – The Ecocubs Nappy Library enables you to try out different types, sizes and brands of nappies for a period of time to help you find the perfect nappy system for your family.
  • QT Booty Modern Cloth Nappy Library – Free cloth nappy hire packages available (bond applicable). The Qt booty MCN Library gives you a chance to try them to see for yourself how easy they really are.
  • The Baby Mumma Nappy Library – There are many cloth nappy hire packages: Mixed Pack, Premmie/Newborn Pack, OSFM Pack, Sized Pack, Fitted Pack, Night Pack, even single nappies.
  • Eco Patooties – Modern Cloth Nappy Hire Kits – mixed sampler, sized and newborn cloth nappy kits available.
  • Bamboonies Nappy Library – 50% of your Nappy Library spend is deductible from any cloth nappy purchase you make from Bamboonies.
  • Superior Posteriors – Helping families help families make the switch from disposable to cloth nappies.

Modern Cloth Nappy Hiring or Consultancy Services in New Zealand:

  • Little Critters Nappy Hire Kits – Book a kit, it will be delivered to you with a full demonstration of the nappies. Everything you need is included in the kit, and support with as many questions as you may have. Based in the in the Cambridge/Hamilton areas of New Zealand.
  • The NZ Nappy Network Hire Kits – Visit the NZ Nappy Network for current information on these Nappy Hire Kits.
  • Te Awhina Nappy Scheme – The Aim of Te Awhina Nappy Scheme is to provide loan kits of nappies (and accessories) to low income and struggling families. The loan kits will be free and loaned initially for a 3 month term.
  • NappyBucket – The intention of ‘NappyBucket’ is to provide free-loan buckets full of washable Modern Cloth Nappies (MCN) to mums of young children who would normally buy disposables.

Remember: A ‘Circulating’ Nappy Is A Green Nappy.

hire cloth nappies

Reusing Washable Modern Cloth Nappies.

It’s A Good Deed For Our Planet.

What if?

Let’s see…

What if… you hired some cloth nappies for your newborn baby?

Little freshies grow so fast, you might get the wrong size and feel like you have wasted your money! By hiring you can easily swap around, and then you can return them once they’ve helped you decide which to invest in for the longer term.

What if… you created a Cloth Nappy Hire Kit for your local community?

– Perhaps, when you have enough nappies, you could create a nappy kit or two of your own to hire out to Mums in your local area. A great way to help other Mums get started in cloth, to meet (and help create) new cloth-loving Mums, share your enthusiasm and earn a spot of pocket money. Exploring the ideas on this page for hiring, loaning, sharing and sponsoring cloth nappies being developed in Australia and New Zealand will help you to fill a need in your own community, and help promote cloth nappies!

Another Type of Nappy Kit in the United Kingdom:

The Cloth Nappy Trial Scheme

What if… you created a Cloth Nappy Consultancy service for your local community?

As a cloth nappy enthusiast, you know the frustration of it seeming like no-one knows about the ‘modern’ cloth nappy. Plus you know that seeing and feeling a modern cloth nappy is of key importance. You could start a nappy consultancy service, offering nappies at retail prices that you buy from the supplier at wholesale prices. Visit My Nappy Style Window for cloth nappy retailers who welcome wholesale enquiries is a place to begin!

What if… you donated your nappies once your babies are finished with them?

– Consider donating your excess nappies in good condition to one of these nappy hire services to keep the nappies circulating as much as possible. Of course, aim to favour one such as the Te Awhina Nappy Scheme or NappyBucket in New Zealand. Or create your own! One that has been developed in the USA is called The Cloth Diaper Foundation.

[Attention Cloth Nappy Shops] What if… you provided a set of your cloth nappies to one of these nappy hiring consultancies?

– As a retailer of modern cloth nappies, providing a set of your nappies and accessories to a nappy consultancy service will offer your brand another avenue for promotion. Cloth enthusiasts run them, they would very much appreciate the support of more cloth retailers, in exchange for some more exposure for your shop on their websites as a supporter or sponsor of their business. A great opportunity for a joint promotion for to you to consider, add to your extensive ‘To Do’ list, and plan for the future. The word-of-mouth chatter about your nappies would be very valuable!

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2. Where to buy your cloth nappies secondhand in Australia and New Zealand: Online sites to find a used cloth nappy for your baby, ‘seconds’ nappies or secondhand nappies for sale at bargain prices.

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