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Where to Buy Your Australian Cloth Nappies Second Hand

Second Hand Australian Cloth Nappies

Want to try some different brands of cloth nappies – try second hand cloth nappies!

2nd hand cloth nappies are found online with ease.

Searching through listings of secondhand nappies is a great way to:

  • Buy your first Cloth Nappy at a discounted price!
  • Try out Australian cloth nappy brands that are new to you – see how they fit your baby and how they perform for your needs.
  • Find economical ‘stash fillers’ of your favourite brand.
  • Build a supply of discount cloth nappies for a bag in the boot of the car, for Grandma’s house or Auntie’s place so you can travel light and head out the door always knowing you have enough nappies on hand at places you visit often.
  • Get some cheap nappies for use at childcare – in case a carer new to modern cloth nappies chucks them in the bin thinking they are disposable. Yes, it has happened: Tell us your story before you go…
  • Find pre-owned, (yet unused and therefore practically new) fabric nappies for less.

Discover several excellent tips and things to keep in mind: Second Hand Cloth Nappies: Top Tips for Buying Cloth Nappies Online

Online sites to find a used Australian cloth nappy for your baby, ‘seconds’ nappies or secondhand nappies for sale at bargain prices (and even special prices for new and custom made nappies!):

Used Nappies

Oztion – Aussie pre-loved cloth nappies section.

Gum Tree Cloth Nappy Classifieds (Change your location state on the upper right)

Trade Me – links to the cloth nappy section to find secondhand cloth nappies in New Zealand.

Kidspot Marketplace – includes classifieds for cloth nappies.

Other places to find cloth nappies for a bargain include:

  • Op Shops – Visit to find opportunity shops nearby, or to add your local store.
  • Garage Sales
  • Friends and family may have second-hand bargains for you, you’ll find ‘Boomerang Baby Gear’ is helpful within families and between friends – passing cloth nappies back and forth as babies are born.
  • Church sales are a usually very cheap and yes, some cloth nappy bargains can be found – keep your eyes open
  • Car boot sales, kindy fairs, other fairs and events run by mother’s groups may have Mums selling nappies to test out a local market.
  • Classified adverts, freecyles, your local paper, and they may be able to be searched online too.
  • Online auctions often have a cloth nappy section – some allow secondhand nappy sales, others don’t. Shopping online is convenient, though of course you must factor in postal costs.
  • Second-hand shops that do consignments on behalf of sellers is another way to find probably higher quality local cloth nappies – though at a slightly higher price than other opportunity shops.

* Be a savvy consumer – do some research to know what the nappies sell for new – so you know you are getting a real deal. Second Hand cloth nappies can re-sell for up to half of their new price. Know your prices and your budget when browsing – remember how addictive the Modern Cloth Nappy Habit can be!

Donate used nappies to charity, women’s shelters, friends, relatives or other places you might help a mother in need.

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My Green Nappy is Proud to Promote Nappies on a Mission:

Donate Australian Cloth Nappies

 Click to find out more about donating your old or ‘broken’ cloth nappies to Orphanages in very poor countries…

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cloth nappies can command up to half of their new price: if the seller knows their value.

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