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January 19, 2011

Non Disposable Nappies – Where Do I Start With the Reusable Cloth Nappy? 3 Tips!

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Non Disposable Nappies – Where Do I Start With the Reusable Cloth Nappy? 3 Tips!

Where Do I Start With the Reusable Cloth Nappy?

Wondering where to start? Everyone does. Dedicated Modern Nappy forums are brimming with new members asking this question. It isn’t so hard, really, start small, as you’ll see below, do some reading, lots of looking and give some modern nappies a go! trial and error is part of every stash, especially the best, as all babies are different, and so are nappy styles suited to different babies to some degree.

Have fun trying some out, knowing that if they don’t suit you, you can re-sell them later or pass them to a friend. Meanwhile, you will have what is called a hybrid stash – some reusable nappies, some disposable nappies – a wonderful way to ‘find your way’ into modern cloth.

A hybrid stash simply has some of each variety of nappy – washable, disposable and eco-disposable nappies as well. If one your goals is to improve your household environmental impact, have a think about building a Hybrid Stash including some biodegradeable disposable nappies. You’ll soon learn this is a nappy stash that can suit any family’s needs.

Converting to using non disposable nappies can seen like quite a mountain, but it need not be. Ease into it gradually with these three tips to get you started:

1. Use Washable, Reusable Nappy Wipes

Perhaps the easiest way on Earth to ease into using washable cloth, reusable wipes can be made of any sort of fabric with enough softness and ‘grabbing’ power to clean up and wipe down your baby’s bottom when it gets messy inside a nappy. You can make or buy reusable wipes that can be used for baby’s bottom, face or other baby spills. Keep them sorted hygienically by having them colour-coded for the bottom end only. Bought wipes can be of the softest bamboo or two sided for grabbing strength and wiping softness. Simply grab a pack of soft new flannels and use them in place of disposable wipes for two weeks, and see how you go.

2. Start with One Non-Disposable Nappy (3 is better)

Getting yourself one to start with is simple, although 3 is better as you can see how they go over a long stretch of time. But even one will save you money each time it is worn. It is easy to justify the cost of cloth nappies when it saves money on single-use disposables. There are so many different styles that mums want to try different kinds to find which one they like best. With all the cute prints and a wide range of colours available, with your baby in cloth nappies, you will get all sorts of great comments about just how cute they look!

3. Buy Second Hand Nappies to Experiment and Test

Buying secondhand cloth nappies is an excellent way to test drive new brands for less. When buying at trading sites, always check the site guidelines for safe purchasing. It is pretty easy though. Some are auctions, others are shopping cart based like any regular online shop. Firstly, be aware of what the nappy costs new, as they are 2ndhand nappies… Best of all, they can be sold again if you don’t like them for whatever reason. A reusable nappy is a nappy which circulates, and there are now lots of places where you can find secondhand cloth nappies online.

So, “Where Do I Start With the Reusable Cloth Nappy?” – Start with some cloth wipes, get one washable nappy and buy some secondhand to see which works for you. An easy way to begin, what if you create a hybrid stash – use disposables, but also buy a pack of environmentally friendly disposable nappies that you can bury in the compost or add to a worm farm now and again, and buy a few modern cloth nappies too – they’ll save those late night dashes out to an expensive convenience store, and you’ll start to find out just why so many mums are making the switch to using more cloth nappies these days. Modern nappies are the popular way to dress the bottom of your baby as you save money, reduce your impact on the environment… and shopping for modern nappies is FUN!

By Charndra Josling

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