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February 21, 2011

Meet Our Guest: Twinkle Lily

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Let’s meet Katerina, the proud owner of Twinkle Lily:

I’m Katerina, director and founder of Twinkle Lily Pty Ltd.

I am mum to 2 boys, married to an IT guy and live in South East Melbourne.

About Twinkle Lily

Twinkle Lily was officially in operation December 2007 and was inspired by my second son who was an extremely heavy wetter. It originally started off as a hobby, but has grown so much Twinkle Lily now has over 30 wholesale accounts to cater for.

The name was chosen as I used to sing twinkle little star to my son when going to sleep and I love Lily’s (which were my wedding flowers) and then we thought it‘s quite similar to Michael Hutchinson’s daughter “Tiger Lily” and of course INXS is my hubby’s favourite band so it all fit nicely.

Twinkle Lily specialises in reusable products for mums and bubs including modern cloth nappies, cloth menstrual pads and cloth breast pads all made with funky colours and prints.

Our Planet Matters!

Twinkle Lily aims to provide products that are re-usable, so there will be lots of future developments with new reusable products added. We believe there is already way too much rubbish that cannot biodegrade, added to the fact contaminated/soiled items are seeping through our soil systems. We want to minimise our landfill and make our environments less polluted.

When you visit Twinkle Lily make sure you see our:

Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Reusable Cloth Breast Pads

BabyHosen Modern Cloth Nappies

Our 3 favourite links are;

Let’s talk more:

Have you tried our products? – we love receiving feedback. Make sure you email us or post on our facebook page about your wonderful experiences with our products.

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