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March 22, 2010

Mums Making Modern Cloth Nappies!

Mums like YOU made these amazing nappies:

Let’s see your DIY modern cloth nappies too.

This gallery displays nappies made by mums – regular mums, not mums making and selling their nappies. Mums who love to sew, mums who love to save, mums who love to recycle and mums who love making beautiful and functional things for their babies.

Have a look at the creations shared here to inspire you to have a go!

My Open Invitation: Send me a photo of your home – made cloth nappy to add to this gallery.

How do you make your own cloth nappies?

It’s fun to have a go at making your own nappy – perhaps to save money, do some recycling of fabrics and challenge yourself to make some hand-made, home-made nappies for your own baby. It can be a pleasant diversion, some ‘me’ time and great fun.

It does, of course, give you an appreciation for the skills and efforts of the seamstresses making oodles of these technically perfect nappies for people to buy for their baby.

How they do that with little children around BAFFLES me! My sewing attempts since babies came along are downright bodgy, I have NO patience with the sewing machine, a breaking thread sends me into a rage of “ARGH – That’s wasted time I don’t have!” and so browsing ‘in stocks’ of what I want is the far calmer and peaceful option, he he he.

Make Your Own Reusable Nappies: 3 Important tips to help you make your BEST EVER modern cloth nappy…

Shops offering materials and resources for making and sewing your own nappies.

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