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August 17, 2010

Meet Our Guest: Bumbino

Let’s meet Yoland, the proud owner of Bumbino:

Hello. My name is Yoland. I live in the hills near Perth. I became a mum when I was in my twenties and again recently in my forties. It makes life very interesting (weird and wonderful) doing the baby thing again..after 20 years….

About Bumbino Nappies:

Twenty years ago cloth nappies were used in maternity hospitals and were “the norm”. My first two babies were therefore cloth babies by natural course of events.
So much has changed in the years between babies. I intended to use mainly cloth and occasional disposables with my new little guy but that didn’t last long. Each and every disposable nappy messed too much with my mind! After a few weeks we gave the disposables away altogether and carried on happily using cloth exclusively.

Bumbino Nappies evolved from my unexplained addiction to Modern Cloth Nappies and my recently rekindled love of fabric and sewing.
As well as collecting a great stash of various brands of cloth nappies and examining their best and worst features, I experimented from early days with many many creations of my own with view to creating a well designed and functional nappy.

Features of Bumbino Modern Cloth Nappies: Click to look closer.

Bumbino Nappies feature adjustable elastic in the leg and waist casings. This feature was inspired by the fact that several nappies in our stash were rendered useless simply because the elastic was too loose or too tight ( usually too tight). I was also keen on a “one size” nappy that could be eased into a smaller or larger shape, could be fine-tuned for fit at the waist and leg and did not have sizing studs and sockets showing on the front of the nappy

We are currently working as a home based business and our nappies and designer wetbags are made by my sister and myself. We have been operational since February 2010. We are currently exploring options for contracting out some of our sewing but hope to keep our product entirely Australian made.

Our Planet Matters!

I am increasingly conscious about the amount of waste we produce and the need to consider the use of more sustainable products and habits. I favour products that are not waste laden and are sustainable in their production and disposal. Cloth nappies fit that description and are the obvious choice for green babies!

When you visit, make sure you have a look at:

1. The link to our brand new site… Bumbino
2. My email address I welcome any inquiries or feedback regarding our products. We can of course supply products direct to you if you do not wish to purchase through Ebay (most of our business is done directly with our customers)
3. The pic of my little man and his cousin in the hills of Perth ( in their Bumbino nappies…of course!)..

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. Green Beans Australia for nappy making fabrics and supplies. Reliable and speedy service.

2. for custom designed and custom printed cotton fabric.

3. Sneaking in two here…for fabrics in USA and in Australia for gorgeous designer cotton prints.

Meet Our Guests...

Meet Our Guests
– This is a regular feature of My Green Nappy in which family friendly sites are invited to contribute a post about their website. You’ll discover a bit about their ideas, specialties, what motivated their passion and what concerns them about the environment at the moment.
Find out more about our guests…

Let’s talk more!

I think it is great we can meet and support an emerging Aussie cloth nappy maker! Lots of manufacturers begin trading via Ebay and similar online trading sites which allow you to set up your own online shop to get exposure and develop and expand awareness of your uniqueness. What looks good to you in the Bumbino range?

April 11, 2010

White Nappies: 3 Reasons Why White Nappies Can Be Your Smartest Cloth Nappy Choice. (+ 1 More for FUN)

White Nappies are the quintessential image that comes to mind when we think of nappies, cloth nappies, disposable nappies – any sort. They are everywhere.

Let us have a look at 3 reasons why a white nappy is still a must have in your cloth nappy stash:

1. Re White Nappies: One colour, a common colour = less cost.

Some colours of nappies are more popular than others, and sell out more quickly. Unlike red, orange, green or pink nappies, it is likely you will always find white nappies in stock at your favourite nappy shops and retailers. White is such a stock standard colour in nappy fabric (all types of materials) that you may well find they are cheaper.

2. Re White Nappies: Baby’s clothing often covers their clothing…

When you have good old white nappies worn under clothes you are not covering up the beautiful design, embellishment, embroidery that you took so long to choose! During winter for instance a cheaper white nappy will be simply under clothes. Pricier prints and more boutique fabrics will cost more; but you may ask yourself what is the point if it isn’t nappy and t-shirt weather!

3. Re White Nappies: Easy to Clean and Sun…

You can whiten and brighten your white nappies simply by hanging them in the sun. Pretty nappies won’t fade in the UV light; stains will magically disappear. Solar power is the friend of the white nappy and allows you to be most environmentally friendly in it’s care.

What’s the +1 About White Nappies?

Naturally unbleached or white nappies are often made of cotton, hemp or bamboo – natural nappies that can be hand dyed to give them new life, as a fun craft activity for you, or to cover stains when the sun will no longer get them out! There are special dyes that are environmentally responsible and do not run when put in the wash.

This photo shows what Emma of Brindabella Baby does with white nappies for fun!

Let’s look at some of the white nappies available in Australia and New Zealand:

Browse for more white nappies:

In My Nappy Style Windows…

In the Modern Cloth Mini Trend for Natural and Unbleached Organic Nappies…

At any of the other 330+ retailers of Modern and Traditional Cloth Nappies in Australia and New Zealand…

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