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August 29, 2012

Modern Cloth Nappies: Cloth Nappy Shop Blog Roundup: August

Modern Cloth Nappies: Cloth Nappy Shop Blog Roundup: August

Many modern cloth nappy shops in Australia have a blog attached to or as part of their site.

The blog is a place where they share more details about the use and care of their nappies, about the particular styles, materials and products they have on offer and even about the day to day running of their business.

They may use their blog (or facebook page) to conduct market research on the types of fabrics to use in future nappies, to offer test nappies to develop new styles, refinements or generations of nappies.

Today’s post is a roundup of some of the recent blog posts I have found. Heaps of cloth nappy shops are very slow at using their blogs, as facebook is all the rage I guess… and yet, a blog is great for building traffic, as I know!

#1: at The Nappy Spot Natalie has an article about Cloth Nappying Challenges – a Lack of Water

What’s the greatest challenge that you’re facing at the moment? Trying to get a good fit on a newborn with skinny legs? Affording enough nappies to be able to use cloth full-time, or all day? Not enough sunshine to dry your nappies properly?

For me at the moment, it’s water! Or more specifically.. not enough of it. Our house runs on rainwater, for everything from drinking/cooking, showering, and of course, in the laundry. It’s been a dry winter, and there’s not too much left in the tanks, so I’ve had to cut back the length of my wash cycles, which is negatively affecting my MCN’s.. Read more @ The Nappy Spot…

#2: at One Less Disposable there is a post about Cheap and easy way to use prefolds:

Worried about the start-up costs of cloth nappying? Here is a cheapish solution to get you going.

A cheap way to go would be to use boosted prefolds and PUL covers. You would need to buy them online. Read more @ One Less Disposable…

#3: at Little Para Pants Blog, you’ll find a helpful post by Mel entitled Is it time to DIY?

If you’re on a budget, like sewing, or none of the MCNs you’ve tried have suited your child, you might decide to try making your own.

What you’ll need:

A sewing machine. It doesn’t have to be flash with all the bells & whistles, it just has to work. All you really need is a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch.

Thread. Polyester thread works well, but don’t go for the stuff in the bargain bin. You’ll end up with a mess.

Needles. Again, don’t go for the cheap ones as they break way too easily. You’ll want the heaviest needles you can find (denim/jeans needles are good) for sewing through multiple layers of fabric. Read more @ Little Para Pants Blog

NB: Check out the new look over at Little Para Pants, where Mel specialises in custom made cloth swim nappies for children of all ages.

#4: at The Baby Chilli Nappies Blogspot, Rebecca has a post about The Great Downunder Nappy Hunt this September:

I am super excited about taking part in the Great Downunder Nappy Hunt this September 2012.All hunters will get a super 15% off everything on line! All you have to do is go and register to hunt in the great downunder nappy hunt.For all of you that don’t know what its about…. The Great Downunder nappy hunt is a scavanger hunt where you go to different websites in search of an icon. You follow fun clues and find some fabulous little websites along the way. Once you have found the icon you click on it and it brings you back to diaper decisions where it is marked as found. The more icons you find the more chance you have of winning some fabulous prizes!My contribution to the prize pool is a Safari party all in one nappy. Read more (and the Baby Chilli Prize) @ The Baby Chilli Nappies Blogspot

#5: at Pepper Place Blog you’ll find an article by Kelly titled: Can I use cloth nappies without a dryer?


Most definitely. Quite easily. In fact, take that dryer and list it on Freecycle right now, you don’t need it for anything!

(Sorry, letting my rabid greenie tendencies come through there. I’ll pull my head in)

But anyway, it is more than doable to use cloth without a dryer. It is the preferred method-the sun sanitises your nappies, the fresh air leaves them smelling great, and line-drying is free and non-polluting. I have never owned a dryer, nor lived in a house with one. Read more @ Pepper Place…

Visiting the blog of cloth nappy shops where you have purchased cloth nappies or are thinking of buying cloth nappies is a great way to get to know the owner and discover more about them and their nappies.

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of cloth nappy blogs,


P.S as always, I also like to give a little plug to My Green Nappy’s Sponsors:

June 25, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #19

Green Promise Nappy # 19 is a ‘Watermelon Wishes’ Jax Naps nappy.


Proudly donated by Tamara from Jax Naps in Queensland.

About Jax Naps:

How Jax Naps was created…

Jax Naps was originally going to be Lil’ Dumplins but after the loss of my son Jackson, Jax Naps was created in his memory.

I was seven months pregnant and working in child care when one of the mums came in with a modern cloth nappy on her little girl Illyria. I fell in love with them instantly, she looked so adorable.

I showed them to my mother who is now my business partner and the wonderful woman who creates our gorgeous nappies. Being a seamstress for as long as I can remember, Mum was quick to tell me that she could make them for me…

But then went on to tell me that cloth nappies are so much work,all that soaking, scrubbing and washing.

She even offered to buy disposable nappies for me just so she didn’t have to wash nappies when Jackson stayed with Granma. She was quick to change her mind once i explained the ins and outs of Modern Cloth Nappies and how easy they are to use. It was even easier once she saw the gorgeous prints and colours they could be made with.

After time and quite a lot of paper, a pattern was created and I made Jackson’s first nappies. I made 26 in total, as I kept on finding more colours I liked and just had to have. My family thought I was mad, all that extra work they’d say. This just made me more determined to prove them all wrong. Mum and I talked about producing them in the New Year but…..

When we lost my beautiful son Jackson in November 2009, I was definately in no rush to go back to work in child care and wanted to spend more time with my eight year old daughter Morgan. It was then that I decided to become a WAHM (work at home mum).

After a few modifications our first nappy was created just before Christmas 2009 – red with white stars, and white frills on the bum. Illyria was more than happy to be our little Jax Naps tester.

Illyria and her mum Robyn liked it so much they quickly told us to hurry up and make some more.

Although I never had the chance to use MCN’s with Jackson, I can’t wait to use them with my next baby…

– Tamara

Visit Jax Naps...

June 24, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #18

Green Promise Nappy #18 is a Knickernappies One Size Fits Most pocket nappy with two microfibre inserts and side snap closure!


Proudly donated by Alisha from Baby Safari in Victoria.

About Baby Safari:

If you had asked us about cloth nappies at the beginning of 2007 when I was pregnant with my first child I would have only known about terry squares! I soon found the amazing world of the Modern Cloth Nappy and I have now been using cloth exclusively on my son since he was 2 months old and we now also use them on our baby daughter.

I could not get over how fantastic these new nappies were and decided to open an online store to help spread the word about MCN’s, not only are they environmentally friendly they are super cute to boot!! We also decided to stock some of our other favourite products and will be adding to our range all the time!

– Alisha and Ann

Visit Baby Safari...

Green Promise Nappy #17

Green Promise Nappy #17 is an Organic Bugalugs Bamboo Nappy – OSFM (One Size Fits Most).


Proudly donated by Lorna from Organic Bugalugs in New South Wales.

About Organic Bugalugs:

We are a home business offering parents eco-friendly baby products at reasonable prices! Our range includes beautiful organic cotton baby clothes, super soft and absorbent bamboo and organic cotton nappies, gorgeous accessories and more.

All our organic cotton products are Certified 100% Organic Cotton and are free from pesticides and chemicals, with low-impact dyes. You will find our products are made of very high quality organic cotton and the fabric is very thick and soft.

Our Organic Bugalugs Bamboo Nappies are very thick and soft, and extremely absorbent – very comfortable for bugalugs! Bamboo cloth is eco friendly as bamboo is highly sustainable and doesn’t require pesticides. Bamboo is also known for its antibacterial and mildew resistant properties which makes it perfect for use in nappies.

Visit Organic Bugalugs...

June 23, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #16

Green Promise Nappy # 16 is an Emerald Green Baby BeeHinds Petite AI2 nappy.


Proudly donated by Kyra from E-Weez in New Zealand.

About E-Weez:

My name is Kyra and as a cloth nappy enthusiast, I use cloth 24/7 on my baby. Even before I became pregnant I always knew that I’d be using Modern Cloth Nappies on my children and the thought of using disposables as an ‘easy’ option never entered my mind.

When I went through buying Modern Cloth Nappies for my own baby I found that there aren’t many opportunities to see the nappies in person. There also are so many different brands and types of nappies that I did some hefty research to find the best ones and I still struggled to make a decision… I eventually did make one but it’s become a bit of an addiction, finding new brands of nappies, all the plush fabrics, seeing how cute they look on my daughter….my husband just doesn’t understand how I get excited over ‘fluffy’ mail!

Now, while out and about with my girl I find that many Mum’s like the thought of using Modern Cloth Nappies but don’t know where to start and still have many old fashioned beliefs about them. I get many comments about how cute my baby’s bum is and I try to promote cloth nappies whenever I can. All this got me thinking and I decided that is a real need for this information to be spread – especially in our smaller rural communities as we don’t have the same variety of goods and stores as our city neighbours.

After trialling many different types of modern cloth nappies my brainchild E-Weez was born.

I am a travelling hostess who will visit you in the comfort of your own home or other location. The idea is that you can enjoy yourself in a relaxed environment with family and friends while learning about Modern Cloth Nappies and seeing how they work. I have chosen the best quality nappies from my own trials (and errors) and am confident that they will provide you with a leak free Modern Cloth Nappy experience.

Visit E-Weez...

Green Promise Nappy #15

Green Promise Nappy # 15 is a Emerald Green Cushie Tushie Basix – OSFA All-In-One


Proudly donated by Janine from Ninky Bear in Victoria.

About Ninky Bear:

After discovering modern cloth nappies for my second child, and realising they were nothing like the cloth nappies my parents used, I decided I loved them so much, I wanted to spread the word.

And so, Ninky Bear was born!

Home Of Gorgeous Baby Products, Modern Cloth Nappies and Accessories.

Visit Ninky Bear...

June 22, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #14

Green Promise Nappy # 14 is a Medium side snap, mint green dot minky with green caterpillar cotton front panel, matching green snaps.


Proudly donated by Cindy from Ticklefish Tots in NSW.

About Ticklefish Tots:

I’m Cindy, homeschooling WAHM to 4 gorgeous kids (currently baking a fifth!!), self confessed cloth addict and enabler, and founder / owner / operator of Ticklefish Tots. I converted to cloth shortly after my youngest was born, as he suffered (and still does) from eczema, which disposables simply exacerbated. After realising and researching the cost effectiveness and environmental advantages of cloth, I also converted my then 2 year old.

I was very excited when I received my first lot of fluffy mail, and my second, and my third …. and so on! But it did disappoint me to see that, out of the many different brands of MCN, not alot were actually made in Australia, and I really wanted to make a difference. I also discovered some “fit” issues with both of my boys – I wanted longer tabs, so that they’d not only get more wear out of each nappy, but also to accommodate either more snaps, or more velcro, to alleviate the dreaded “wing droop”! And as they were both tummy sleepers, I wanted a higher rise so that waking after a nap wouldn’t mean a whole new change of clothes due to the seeping wetness up their fronts!

So, within a matter of weeks had designed my own MCN which not only suited the needs of my children, but were also totally handmade in Australia by me!

Visit Ticklefish Tots...

Green Promise Nappy #13

Green Promise Nappy #13 is a Stuff ‘em Silly night time pocket nappy.


Proudly donated by Nicole from Krap Katchers in Queensland.

About Krap Katchers:

I have one mission .. to keep your baby dry overnight (and mine of course).

Krap Katchers began in 2007 after a heavy wetting baby soaked through a PUL nappy. Rigorous testing began with the one thirsty big weeing baby and not one wet night! Well, there was one wet T-shirt. Note to Daddy, don’t tuck T-shirts into nappies! Soon after 15 Stunt bums were chosen for their talent at wetting bed sheets. The result, still no wet nights with the final Stuff ’em Silly design.

If I can make the world a better place by just keeping one baby dry over night then my life will be complete. *insert cheesy music here*

A little bit more about me… I am married with two daugthers Miss Madeleine 2.5 and Miss Genevieve 1, and they like to keep us on our toes! We have used and loved modern cloth nappies for both girls since birth and I am a proud advocate for the cause. So when the opportunity arose to combine my love of sewing and modern cloth nappies, I couldn’t let it pass me by 🙂

As the proud new owner of Krap Katchers I am very excited about our future plans and hope you will be as well. Keep your eyes peeled for the trim Brazillian Bikini Day nappies being released, and the still in development, yet to be named all-in-two style nappies as well.

Visit Krap Katchers...

June 21, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #12

Green Promise Nappy # 12 is a Magic-Alls All-In-One Nappy. Lush minkee outer, stay dry inner, great absorbency! A reliable workhorse nappy known and loved right around Australia. Great Baby BeeHinds quality guaranteed! Size Medium.


Proudly donated by Davina from Baby BeeHinds in Queensland.

About Baby BeeHinds:

Davina has a lot to do with the customer service side of Baby BeeHinds.

Davina is the founder of Baby BeeHinds, and is also the creative designer of all Baby BeeHinds branded products, and takes care of marketing.

Let’s look at one of the myths busted in the Advice Hub over at BBH:

Modern Cloth Nappies are expensive!

Not compared to disposables…

Did you know, that based on the ‘average’ cost per disposable nappy, that you will spend approximately $3.50 per day using disposable nappies? (based on 7 changes /24 hrs). Multiply THAT by 2.5 years (average length of time in nappies) and you’re looking at a cost of over $3000.00!

This figure does not even include wipes (a further $800 approx). You can certainly set yourself up with a modern cloth system that will be less than half the cost of disposable nappies, and not only will you be saving money, but you’ll be saving the environment also.

Visit Baby BeeHinds...

Green Promise Nappy #11

Green Promise Nappy # 11 is a Green Pop In Dream Dri Nappy.


Proudly donated by Jacquie from Cheeky Cherubs in New Zealand.

About Cheeky Cherubs:

On Cheeky Cherubs you will find a range of eco friendly and baby friendly products, most of which have been tried and loved within our own family!

We are a business based in Gisborne and welcome orders from anywhere in the country. If you are within Gisborne city you are welcome to arrange a time to view the products before making your purchase or you can pick your order up if you wish. Alternatively, your order can be delivered free of charge within Gisborne city on Saturday mornings or any other time if arranged.

If you have any questions about any of the products please don’t hesitate to contact us and please take a moment to join the Mailing List to be kept up to date with any new stock arrivals, promotions and competitions!

Visit Cheeky Cherubs...

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