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June 20, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #10

Green Promise Nappy # 10 is a Green One Size Fits Most (OSFM) Sewy Joeys Nappy.


Proudly donated by – from Sewy Joeys in Australia.

About Sewy Joeys:

All about our nappies

We use a really trim, simple One-Size-Fits-Most AIO/Pocket design across our range of minky, cotton prints and fabrite PUL nappies. They’re ideal for novice cloth nappy users, daycare and busy parents because there are no inserts to lose, they dry quickly and they work well.

Both the minky and cotton prints nappies have a hidden, seperate layer of waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) between the outer fabric and suedecloth, whilst in the PUL nappies the polyurethane laminate is bonded to the fabric. Having a waterproof layer built into the nappy eliminates the need for a cover, making them just as convenient as a disposable.

Our nappy’s simplicity and ease of use is due a flip-in flip-out insert which is sewn in at the back of the nappy only (or rather to the nappy shell), so it can be easily pulled out for washing and drying, but remains attached so the inconvenience of a lost or misplaced insert is no longer a problem. It is simply pulled back into the pocket once dry and the nappy is ready for use again.

This insert is fully adjustable in length with the use of snaps and consists of a 5 layer microfibre/bamboo combo, making it great for daytime use and naps. Extra absorbancy can be added into the pocket for heavy wetters or night time (bi-fold bamboo inserts are available seperately in store).

One of the most important points we were keen to address with our nappy was reducing drying times, as some fully sewn in all-in-ones can take two days to dry in inclement weather or require extra drying in the clothes dryer (only adding to our carbon footprint). Our insert allows for much quicker drying as it is pulled out the nappy and has the added benefit of being seperated into two layers, so you aren’t trying to dry one large, many layered insert.

It may also be of interest to you that Sewy Joeys are proudly Australian designed, owned and made- no sweat shops, no child labour and no offshore outsourcing meaning your dollars stay here in our country and economy!

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Green Promise Nappy #9

Green Promise Nappy # 9 is a Camo Snap in AI2 Green Bums V2 nappy with bamboo booster.


Proudly donated by Allison from Green Bums in Australia.

About Green Bums:

The Green Bums story starts in Western Australia in 2004. After building the business from the ground up, in 2009 Shona decided to take on new challenges and Green Bums changed hands. That’s where I come in.

My name is Allison, I am Mum to two gorgeous boys, and owner of Green Bums Nappies. When my first son was born I didn’t know the first thing about Modern Cloth Nappies. I knew my mum had used flannelette nappies and plastic pilchers for us kids, but I didn’t have time to study the Origami needed to fold the things and thought all the soaking and bleaching and washing was too much hard work, not to mention bad for my budget and the environment!

When a friend mentioned to me she was putting her baby in cloth I thought she was mad…. Until she showed me the gorgeous MCN’s she was using. That was it, I was converted! From there to owning Green Bums has been a very interesting journey and I’ve loved every minute of it. I love what I do, and I’m very excited to be sharing my work with you.

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June 19, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #8

Green Promise Nappy # 8 is a Trim Green Organic Velour Little Beetle Nappy featuring 2 layers of wonderfully soft and absorbent organic fabric.


Proudly donated by Helen from Aquabub in New Zealand.

About Aquabub:

The birth of Aquabub

When I was pregnant with my first son we planned a home waterbirth. I wanted to find a pool that was more comfortable than the one my sister-in-law had used when she birthed her daughter at home. It had a hard frame with a liner and absolutely no padding. Leaning on the side was uncomfortable for her and the pillow we tried to hold on the side to increase her comfort kept slipping and getting wet. Not to mention sore knees from kneeling without any padding.

Then I discovered the La Bassine birth pool. I spent four hours labouring in the pool and really loved how I could fully relax on the comfy sides between contractions. And kneel and sit comfortably on the inflated pool bottom. And during that four hours the water only needed topping up with hot once – the air chambers in the sides and bottom helped to retain heat! My midwife and some of my pregnant friends were also impressed with the pool and I was soon getting enquiries from people with a desire to hire it. And that saw the beginnings of Aquabub!

Towards the end of 2007 I started sourcing products that our family has used and loved – and Aquabub expanded to include these items for sale. Our aim is to share products we love, while supporting natural parenting for other families.

We hope you enjoy the Aquabub range of products as much as our family does!

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Green Promise Nappy #7

Green Promise Nappy # 7 is a Blueberry One Size Deluxe Nappy – Green.


Proudly donated by Karen from Baby Blossom in New South Wales.

About Cloth Nappies from Baby Blossom:

Modern Cloth Nappies are easy to use, they are NOT meant to be soaked. Gone are the days of terry squares that needed to be soaked. Just remove any solid waste in the toilet (as you would with disposables) and dry pail them. Modern Cloth Nappies only need to be washed with half your usual amount of detergent and sun dryed. The sun naturally kills germs and bleaches any stains.

Modern Cloth Nappies do not leak. They use PUL, wool, fleece etc, to keep mess in while allowing your baby’s skin the breath. Unlike the old sweaty PVC covers. There is the odd occasion where like any disposable they can leak for heavy wetters.

Modern Cloth Nappies care for your baby. The only thing that is near your baby’s delicate skin is the soft natural liners. Unlike the chemical messes that are in disposables.

Modern Cloth Nappies care for the environment. Are made by renewable resourses like hemp and bamboo. These crops need little water and little or no pesticides. In Australia alone 800 million disposable nappies are delivered to landfill every year. They can take as long as 500 years to biodegrade. That means the disposables used now are going to out live our children. We won’t even mention what goes in to them to make them!

Modern Cloth Nappies care for your budget. On average disposables will cost you over $2000 for the first 2 years of your baby life (not including wipes or other products needed). A good modern cloth system plus laundering costs (even if you use a dryer) will cost much less than $1000. If you use these nappies for multiple children just imagine the cost savings! You could take the family on a holiday with just the money you save from nappies.

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June 18, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #6

Green Promise Nappy # 6 is a ‘cheeky’ green mushroom print, one size fits most Modern Cloth Pocket Nappy with Bamboo insert. Little Diamond Bums is hand made by work at home mums.


Proudly donated by Amy and Nat from Little Diamond Bums in Victoria, Australia.

About Little Diamond Bums:

Little Diamond Bums is a new business bringing modern cloth nappies to the Mornington Peninusula and surrounding areas.

We are Amy and Nat, first time mums who have a passion for the environment and our children’s future. Whilst on maternity leave we started chatting about the obsession we both had for cloth nappies. We found that we both have friends and family members who also wished to use cloth nappies but were put off believing it would be too much effort or found the information too overwhelming. With backgrounds in both teaching and environmental planning we wanted to use our skills to encourage families to ‘convert to cloth’ by demonstrating how easy using cloth nappies could be. We feel the best way to do this would be to hold Cloth Nappy parties, demonstrations and workshops to allow mums and dads to have a hands-on session in which the varying types of nappies can be seen and felt in real.

We wish to stock proven brands of high quality and good reputation, nappies that we have trialed and come to love ourselves. We also aim to provide a range of nappy systems that meet the reason for families deciding to use cloth nappies such as cost, appearance and environmental sensitivity. Check out our home made Little Diamond Bums range with Limited edition prints!!

Did you know that every disposible ever made still exists today? Disposible nappies take 500 years to break down!

There are many reasons people choose to use cloth nappies; environmental, financial, wanting the best for their baby or just because they look so darn cute!. Allow Little Diamond bums to help you make an informed decision and customise a cloth nappies system that suits you and your baby’s needs.

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Green Promise Nappy #5

Green Promise Nappy #5 is a Large Green Spunky Butts All in One Nappy.


Proudly donated by Charndra from Part Time Nappy Free! in South Australia.

About Part Time Nappy Free!

Ever wondered whay mothers did before disposable nappies? Ever wonder what they did before nappies? They did EC, or ‘Elimination Communication’ – a cumbersome term that put simply, means popping your baby on a potty and giving them the chance to do their business there rather than in their nappy, whatever sort of nappy it may be.

Taking it further, EC is a way to connect on a new level with your baby (and your baby with you), helping them to communicate about some basic needs they have.

Yep, babies can’t hold on like we can, but they sure can ‘release’ if given a timely opportunity! That’s what you can help them learn when discovering EC. Offer them a potty break, and see how they go!

Part Time Nappy Free collects a bunch of tips under different areas that ECing families have found helpful, and a lot of this is gathered in a free online guide to getting started with being part-time nappy free, as that is far more realistic, and is what our grannies did, and mothers still do around the world even today!

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June 17, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #4

Green Promise Nappy # 4 is a Green Cushie Tushies Nappy.


Proudly donated by Charndra from Tribal Baby in South Australia.

About Tribal Baby:

Charndra Chris and Maven began their ‘EC journey’ in 2005, when Maven was born.

Being so astounded by how using nappies ‘part time’ through EC was such a wonderful way to connect with their son on a daily basis, they began sharing their experiences in ‘Nappy Free Baby’ when Maven was around seven months old. (and thus had beginning mobility and slightly less in-arms-on-the-boob time with Mum!)

In time other pages on related topics were added, with links to resources for finding out more, those sources of information found useful and thought-provoking, or that allowed an informed understanding of a topic. Nappy Free Baby has grown as Maven has grown and progressed through the many ‘phases’ of EC.

Tribal baby has visitors from over 25 countries!

When Maven turned two, and was nearly completed in his EC journey, Charndra began work on the “Part time Diaper / Nappy Free” online course. This grew out of noticing a need in the EC Community for a simple, guided structure to empower and give people ongoing support and practical strategies to follow as they moved from full time nappy use to part time nappy use.

Charndra noticed that people would want to start EC, but just couldn’t work out where to begin, and that people would get discouraged and give up when reaching various developmental stages, feeling somehow they weren’t doing it ‘right’.

Or, people would be interested, yet never actually start. She has planned the materials to counteract that by giving people a clear sense of how adaptable EC is to their lifestyle – as a way simply to cut their use of nappies down to a manageable level as they develop the skills and confidence in communicating with their baby through elimination communication.

After some conversations with her grandma, who had done this with her own children (and assumed all mothers still did this) she was inspired to help make these skills a normal part of baby care again – even on a very low key level. For, as those who practice EC know, the basic skills are quite simple, and people can then focus more or less time on their communication as the changing needs of their family require.

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Green Promise Nappy #3

Green Promise Nappy # 3 is a Green Sandman Night Nappy.


Proudly donated by Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products in Queensland.

About Sustainable Hemp Products:

Sustainable Hemp Products was established as a natural progression from the overwhelming desire to promote and educate people of the virtues and commonsense answers that Industrial Hemp, Bamboo, Organic Wool, Organic Cotton and other natural fibre products can provide.

We are a family business and we care about the world we are going to leave behind for our children. We believe that Hemp and other natural fibre products have some environmentally sustainable answers to the problems faced by increased consumerism in the societies in which we live. We have specialised in the baby end of town as it all starts here- education, wanting the best for your newborn child and more so we have sought to use the softest most durable, absorbent sustainable fabrics that utilise the minimum of chemicals from the farm to the factory. Our products are also made for correct fit, maximum functionality and also fashion- who said cloth nappying had to be boring. We actually physically make them ourselves and you have good old-fashioned personalised customer service when you deal with us.

A little about HEMP- FOOD, BIO-FUEL, CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, PLASTIC and STONE-LIKE PRODUCTS, FABRIC, PAPER, PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS and MORE- Hemp can provide all these diverse products. Why aren’t we using it more ???? There is no rational answer to this question. The benefits of Hemp have been tested and proven throughout time. With our business we hope to encourage more people to use Hemp and other natural products as alternatives to the unfriendly products that are currently being over-utilised. Our preference is Australian made products where possible. Our aim is to have all products eventually made in Australia.

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June 16, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #2

Green Promise Nappy # 2 is a Green Pop In nappy. The Pop-In is a one-size AI2 with double leg gusset and bamboo inserts.


Proudly donated by Eva from Oz Baby Trends in New South Wales.

About Oz Baby Trends:

Oz Baby Trends is a family-operated Australian business, specialising in cloth nappies and feminine care solutions for the modern family.

We are passionate about providing Australian families with an economical, environmentally friendly and baby-kind solution to disposable products.

As parents of young children, we understand that the cost requirements of raising a family can be significant, oftentimes almost impossible to meet. By choosing cloth over disposable nappies, families can save between $30 and $50 a week at the checkout.

It is our mission to provide high quality, affordable, innovative and user-friendly cloth nappies which we hope will one day replace disposables entirely in homes across Australia.

It is our belief that children who are cloth-nappied learn instinctively that everything has at least one more useful purpose.

We believe that waste and non-biodegradable landfill are NOT necessary for the sake of convenience. And we know from experience that cloth nappying takes just 10 minutes a day. Gone are the days of scrubbing, soaking, folding, pinning and bleaching. The cloth revolution is upon us.

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Green Promise Nappy #1

Green Promise Nappy # 1 is a Bumwear one-size pocket nappy with a ‘Green Bee’ print.


Proudly donated by Emma of Brindabella Baby in the Australian Capital Territory.

About Brindabella Baby:

I found it hard to find good quality modern cloth nappies and baby carriers in local shops. After buying more than 25 different brands of cloth nappies, and countless brands and types of baby carriers, I’ve found only the best to stock at Brindabella Baby.

The range at Brindabella Baby is focused on environmentally sustainable alternatives to the products in most department stores. With a preference for WAHMs (work-at-home-mums – or aunts, or dads…), or sweatshop free commercial manufacturers when a WAHM product isn’t available, you can be sure that you are supporting ethical means of production. Click here for more on Brindabella Baby’s sweatshop free policy – we support shopping with a social conscience, and we are members of the Fair Trade Association.

Attention to detail like carriers that come with an instruction DVD, and machine washable products wherever possible, means that you are buying products that will remain useful well beyond your first baby. I bought some of these products for my first baby, and I’m still using them for my third baby.

We don’t have the widest range on the internet – we just have the best quality, best value, and best for your baby.

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