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October 18, 2011

Planning an Easter Treasure Hunt for Little Kids

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Want to Run an Easter Treasure Hunt?

Discover How to Organise a Treasure Hunt for Little Kids at a Party.

Below you’ll see a stage by stage outline of how I organised an Easter party activity for 5 family kids. We had fun arranging it together beforehand. I love organising treasure hunts for the kids, it is great fun to do, and there is always a new idea to try out. The ideas will transfer to any theme and for more kids they could be in small groups or teams, or as a relay treasure hunt perhaps, with each child having part to decode.

First of all, let’s see the collection before it was set up around the house and yard:

What happened:

I took the kids into the darkest room of the house. I had written their initial on their ‘scroll’ in glow-in-the-dark nail polish. They picked out their own and went back to their ‘tall’ helper. The kids ranged in age from 2-8.

My son and I had created their ‘maps’ in preparation. He drew a plan and I copied variations onto each page, then he traced over them and added some easter stickers. What the map shows is that there are two eggs to find and a final place (X marks the spot) with their treasure. You’ll also notice there is a house, for where the trail starts. It’s amazing how kids mind’s work, so creative! I wrote their first clue on the page for their adult to read if they couldn’t yet:

Next, they followed clues to two paper eggs which had an easter chocolate attached. We also decorated these before the party, good fun. I got the easter stickers for a few dollars. The kids also decorated their own ‘placemat’ when they first arrived for the night.

The last clue was written on a ‘flower’ made from a pie case squashed flat, attached to a wooden skewer and some colored card (actually paint swatch samples) and stickers:

Their ‘treasure’ was inside a plastic egg, with a chocolate and an electronic bug that I got for only $2 each! They were hidden at their final places, with some other chocolate eggs:

How to plan the treasure hunt:

Below you can see my treasure hunt planning sheet. A simple grid, or table, to record the steps and clues in, useful to plan and then in case you forget what and where the parts go.

1. Create a simple grid or table with the name of each child and spaces for say, three steps, the end being where the ‘treasure’ will be hidden.

2. Plan the final location first and put it in.

3. Stage One in this treasure hunt is the paper rolled up as a scroll. Note what the clue will be.

4. Stage Two in this treasure hunt is on one of the egg shaped papers we decorated. Note what the clue will be.

5. Stage Three in this treasure hunt is on the second of the egg shaped papers. Note where the hunter is to go next.

6. The final square notes where the hunter will go to find their treasure! Clues were simpler or more cryptic based on the age of the child, too.

I hope you get some new ideas to put into action for your next treasure hunt from this fun activity! Here are some close-ups of the Easter decorations my son made for the party:

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April 7, 2011

Water: Wonderful Colour Mixing Activity

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Mama * Earth

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Mama*Earth*Kids is a category for sharing activities to do with kids; activities for mums and kids; Recommendations for mums, kids and our planet; Our Green Hour; things to do that involve recycling or reusing and things for mums generally.

In this activity we took down a collection of pretty glass bottles I have spend years collecting (I love how pretty they are in the light) and finally got around to adding coloured water to them so they look good up on the shelf.

My original plan was to have them on a high shelf in the bathroom so the sunlight could shine through them, but kids – well, that seems a silly thing to do for a few years!

I turned it into an activity and the kids had a great time mixing food colouring into the water with pipettes and syringes and watching it disperse and mix, making different colours, comparing and adding more until it was ‘just right’.

I was inspired to turn this into a science-like activity from a suggestion on the blog “Science @ Home’, such as ‘10 Things to do with Water’ one I regularly visit for ideas to turn everyday observations into a science experiment! Being an art teacher myself, I look at things from an arty-crafty angle, but loved science at school, so am enjoying all the new ideas I am getting from Deb’s blog. Go check it out! She has a great (and free) e-book you can download to give you a running leap into seeing your child’s world in terms of science. It’s called ‘Young Scientists’.

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April 14, 2010

What’s Your Green Hour? What Do Your Kids Like to Do Outside?

Green trees, green plants, green grass, fresh air, sticks, stone and soil: GO OUTSIDE!

Spending daily time outside is actually good for the environment – it means fewer resources are gobbled up with indoor lighting, appliances and entertainment.

Getting kids outside is great for their general activity level – we all want to keep that high! It wears them out, keeps the mess creation inside down a bit – so long as they leave their muddy boots outside…

Being outside gives us all a healthy dose of sun and that is good too for our disposition.

Inspired by the site Green, my kids and I immediately adopted that title for our daily time outside. We planted vegies, made a potato tower, built a lizard hotel and all sorts of things, that will pop up in this section. It wasn’t long before “It’s Green Hour” was a regular call, and if we hadn’t been out, sadness would be the result! “I really want my green hour!”

About GreenHour:

“By giving our children a “Green Hour” a day — a bit of time for unstructured play and interaction with the natural world — we can set them on the path toward physicalmental, and emotional well-being.”

I’m pleased to have contributions from many friends of My Green Nappy included in this article. We have Emma from Brindabella Baby, Melinda from Avanappy, Mel from Little Para Pants, Louise from Scamps Boutique, Eva from Oz Baby Trends, Inge from Earth Kidz, Kyra of Bubbalooba, Cassandra from New Age Nappies, Annette from Iish Fly, Michelle from Issy Bear Nappies, Alisha from Baby Safari, Cindy from Ticklefish Tots, Ashley from Cheeky Creations, Carli from MiniLaLa, Tracey from Flattery, Bec from Baby Chilli, Kelleigh from Miracle Baby, Julie from Cloth For Comfort, Chris from Baby Bullfrogs, Peggy from Fluffy Bubs and Kate from Nappy Days, Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products, Karen from Baby Blossom.

Let’s see what they have to say:

“What is an outside activity that’s fun for a baby or toddler?”

Emma of Brindabella Baby:

Drawing on the driveway with chalk. It will wash off next time it rains, but in the meantime it’s creative and fun (and hopefully relieves the urge to use crayons on the walls inside).

Melinda of Avanappy:

Sand play, swings, climbing…

Mel of Little Para Pants:

Helping Mum or Dad do just about anything!  My son likes to help me water & weed my veggie patch, pick up the clothes pegs I’ve dropped on the ground, and he’s even taken the bucket of scraps out to the compost bin.

Louise of Scamps Boutique, NZ:

Simply letting them loes outside to crawl, run, chase and climb trees

Eva of Oz Baby Trends:

Playing in the dirt with egg cartons, water and a spoon.

Inge of Earth Kidz:

Playground, walks…

Kyra of Bubbalooba:

Every morning and afternoon we go out to our vegetable garden, and although Amir is too young to really participate, I at least enjoy pointing out and telling him about all the veggies.

Cassandra of New Age Nappies:

We enjoy getting outside and doing the weeding or planting veggies.

Annette of Iish Fly:

Digging in the veggie garden, or in the worm farm. My toddler loves to put on the gum boots and pull out the toy wheelbarrow and help me in the garden.

Michelle of Issy Bear Nappies:

Running under the sprinklers – in the allocated time and day of course!

Cindy from Ticklefish Tots:

We walk to the park almost every weekend (with the baby in the pram) because our older kids like to throw the footy and run around. Our 3yo and 14mo love joining in as well.

During the week, the two little ones spend alot of time outside, helping me clean up the back yard, or hang out the washing (they are very good peg dispensers! lol!) or simply digging up the yard! (who needs a dog? lol!)

Ashley of Cheeky Creations:

My daughter Mikinley just loves being outside. She collects rocks and puts them in her pocket and goes over to the neighbour’s fence to see the puppy.

Carli of MiniLaLa:

Just about anything! My children love to be outside, full stop. We love to play with the ball, paint, make things from play dough, play hide and seek, eat our dinner outside – there are so many fun activities!

Tracey from Flattery:

My baby is still little so is more than happy to play with the pegs – she also likes climbing up on the bottom shelf of the BBQ – i’d say it’s her absolute favourite outside activity.

Bec from Baby Chilli:

At the moment going up and down the stairs and playing on the grass with our pet dog.

Julie from Cloth For Comfort:

Either “Follow the Ant” (where we literally follow the first ant we find so we can watch its’ travels and we talk about what where it might be headed and what he is doing along the way) or we can spend countless hours in our sandpit…
Chris from Baby Bullfrogs:
We try and get out a few times a week on our bicycles – the kiddies love it (they ride along in a bike trailer).  Our destination is either a park to play, picnic, or straight home again. The rain doesn’t stop us either – it’s more fun in the rain.
Kate from Nappy Days:
Gardening with mum and dad and eating what comes out of it.
Alisha of Baby Safari:

My kids find any outdoor activity fun.

Eating dirt in the garden while mum is gardening!
Karen from Baby Blossom:
We like to keep it simple, out the back in the water and sand. (Funnily enough all my boys enjoy this and their ages range 18 months – 8 years) Or at the park.

Being outside is nice.

My kids have two favourites; ‘The Cooking Station’ and ‘Excavations’.
‘The Cooking Station’ is pots, spoons, water and ‘ingredients’.
‘Excavations’ is creating a water system of dams, rivers, mountains and lakes.
Both involve shifting dirt, making mud and great industry.
Thank you to all our nappy doula’s for their contributions,

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3 Suggested resources about going outside and enjoying nature with your kids:

  1. Green Hour (the inspiration of this question)  – discover ideas for outside play, nature crafts and more to get outside each day with your kids!
  2. Sustainable Living in New Zealand
  3. Sustainable Gardening Australia

A question to you about outside activities to enjoy with your littlies:

What is an activity that your kids enjoy doing outside?

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