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August 28, 2012

Modern Cloth Nappies: Current Facebook Nappy Sale Offers in August

Modern Cloth Nappies: Current Facebook Nappy Sale Offers

Today’s is a short post to highlight a few of the most recent offers by Australian Modern Cloth Nappy Shops on facebook. Some are for sales, some for giveaways and contests.

Becoming a fan first of all of My Green Nappy is a great way to keep your eye on offers posted to my wall. I encourage any and all cloth nappy shops to post their specials and messages to my wall, and fans of my page use this as an opportunity to survey specials, giveaways and offers available online. There is a section where you can see all the recent posts of others.

Let’s have a look at several of the recent cloth nappy related offers:

#1: Sweet Pea Cloth Nappies. For a chance to win a Sweet Pea Cloth Nappies wet bag, become a fan of the page today. Once we get to 200 likers we’ll be giving away a wet bag.

#2: Baby Bare Cloth Nappies. Want to win a Baby Bare Nappy? Head over and enter our competition to name our new bright pink nappy!  It will be decided on Sunday night!

#3: Bummis Australia Love Bummis? Head on over to Bummis Australia and share the ‘like’ love to know first about specials, stock updates and tips & advice on cloth nappying!

#4: Apikali Modern Cloth Nappies Cloth Nappy Giveaway: only 25 likers to go. Help me support my daughter and to give away a premium cloth nappy.

#5: Rydees Australia. SALE! Buy 2 or more Rydees Australia nappies and get 5 Bamboo Terry Wipes for FREE! Until the end of August only..or unti stocks run out! These super soft double layered wipes are safe and gentle on little bums and are excellent for bubs who suffer from nappy rash as they contain no irritating chemicals or alcohol. These wipes are also extremely hardy and don’t loose that soft silky fluffiness wash after wash. If you dont use cloth wipes these make great washers and will be the first one in the pile you grab 🙂 Email Kylie to order at

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of several facebook offers from Australian cloth nappy shops and can find the right bargain, discount, special or win for you!

Becoming a fan or ‘liker’ of the pages that appeal to you means that you can get their special offers directly to your news feed. This is also a great way to get to know the page owners, ask questions and have your finger on the pulse of current events and offers.

– Charndra

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February 18, 2011

Special Offer: Mandy Mac All-In-One (aka the MacTropic) $25 + $2 postage!

Two days to go til – pre-orders close on the brand spanking new Mandy Mac All-In-One – aka the MacTropic.

The shipment has arrived in the country, we are just waiting for it to clear customs!!! It’s better than Christmas here at Mandy Mac.

Don’t forget we have the special pre-order price of only $25 on the MacTropic and only $2 postage.

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– Amanda and her family!!

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