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July 25, 2012

Nappies on a Mission: Donate Your Used Cloth Nappies to Those in Need.

Donate Australian Cloth Nappies

Nappies on a Mission: Donate Your Used Cloth Nappies to Those in Need.

Nappies on a Mission is a website run by Great Grandmother Robyn Sage, who has done great networking to assist mothers in very poor countries to have modern cloth nappies to use with their babies when needed.

Donate Australian Cloth NappiesI just had a chat with Robyn on the phone. She lives in Darwin and repairs nappies as a side business (so contact her for your own nappy repairs too). She collects all sorts of nappies and related materials (boosters, inserts, terry toweling flats etc) and fixes them up to be sent over to Orphanages in Papua New Guinea, Malawi, East Timor, Fiji and Vanuatu via her network of travellers adding the nappies to their luggage to offset the impossible costs of postage. Orphanages are the focus as often they have no or little government support and are under resourced, and in desperate need of any help.

Let’s dive right in and see what Robyn needs:

What Types of Nappies Do We need?

All types accepted from towelling squares to modern cloth nappies, boosters, covers. etc If your squares are a little on the thin side, they may be able to be cut down to make boosters.

If the inners are worn, I will unpick and replace with new ones, if the PUL is not usable, I can remove it and replace it from a nappy that is cactus.

I have been given boxes of offcuts so can make up what is missing, I dont throw anything away unless it is really useless.

There is a lady who looks after disabled children in Vanuatu and is in desperate need of squares, MCNs, covers and pants for older children so all sizes are gratefully accepted.

Do you have some nappies that are too ‘Used’ for re-sale, but still perfectly OK to use?

Or nappies you would like to donate to orphanages as they are?

For Nappies / Inserts, Boosters, Squares That Don’t Need to be Repaired Please Address Parcel to:


Nappies On A Mission

22 Hill Street,

Russell Island Qld 4184

For Nappies that Do Need Some Repair Please Address Parcel to:


Robyn Sage

PO Box 39923


NT 0821

Contact Robyn: Phone 0407187207 or

Donate Australian Cloth Nappies

Don’t worry if they need repair, they will be repaired before forwarding on.

 Would you like to support Nappies on a Mission?

Pledge what you will send in a comment below and we can keep a tally for a future update.

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